Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm not going to school today.

Why? Well partly because I don't really feel like it. But naturally there's another reason. i mean, of course Matthew wouldn't just let me stay home for no reason at all. Here's just another example of why I'm staying home:

Matthew: "Alright I'm leaving."
Me: "Where are you going!?"
Matthew: "I have a job, remember?"
Me: "Oh yeah... I forgot."

I'm a little tired from my puking and and eye-cleansing escapade yesterday. Puking really takes it's toll on your body.

Anyway, here's what led to all of my ailments:

My left eyes has been half closed and in terrible pain ever since I slept over at Chris' house on Friday night. My contacts were old but I didn't think anything like this would happen as I have slept in my contacts on many previous accounts. I think I scratched my cornea or whatever part of your eyes that can get damaged because I can barely see out of it, as in there is a haze covering my entire left eyes and it's extremely aggravating. Also, I'm very sensitive to light so if you see me wearing sunglasses in one of these thunderstorms we've been having, just don't worry about it.

ALSO. I love these lyrics.
It curses, so be careful.

Say Judas came up to D.C.
He'd been down in Georgia for a while
He drove a 944
He bought with the soul
Of a blonde-headed kid
With a left-handed guitar
Now he's lookin' for me
Citizen C-O-P-E
Sign the dotted line please
For the fake 50's
Now Judas answer me
"Since I was the age to speak
Haven't you been listening?"

I'm calling

Well he came to town
Found the woman that I love
And he fucked her down
She told him where I live
Off of 9th in the alleyway
Where they say
They got the coke and the dope
Until you end up broken
"You should have let the smack get you" he said
"But now you've got to deal with me instead
I'm downstairs on the Motorola
You know I've got 3 golden bullets
And I'm shooting for your soul"


Well I came down with my Martin blazin'
My voice
It was cutting him up
Now he's aiming
His first shot grazed my eye
I lost half of my sight
And my firstborn's life
The second shot grazed off my guitar moon
And it made my guitar kinda play out of tune
But I just kept playing
Like I had nothing to lose
He turned the third on himself
'Cause the bastard knew
Salvation I'm calling


Put the gun down
Put the gun down
Put the gun down
Put the gun down

Salvation, Citizen Cope


  1. It's kinda like my eye... Except mines from being a cry baby... Hope you get better.

  2. oh sad eye. you should wear an eye patch. also, citizen cope is the DOPESHIZMAN.

  3. VERINA. Don't cry. Or I shall weep alongside you.

    Oh Bayley, duh. About the eye patch.
    And I could kiss Clarence.

  4. This is why I will never get contacts.