Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Am Poem (Lars Christensen)

I am a soccer freak and easily scared
I wonder how I will die.
I hear a toucan calling in my ear
I see a polar bear trying to stay alive.
I want global warming to cease
I am a soccer freak and easily scared.

I pretend to play basketball at night when I can’t outside.
I feel as if I could fly with joy.
I touch the soft feathery body of an eagle.
I worry Kai will never come back.
I cry when people swear at me.
I am a soccer freak and easily scared.

I understand that I will die someday.
I say that global warming is happening and the polar bears are dying
I dream a lot about robots and mechanics.
I try to help stop poachers, but I can’t.
I hope global warming will stop.
I am a soccer freak and easily scared.

By: Lars Christensen

Lars showed me this today almost completely out of the blue and I almost cried a few times. I feel like I've kind of been a wreck this past week. 
I love that little guy.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Leisure Pursuit

Every day I capsize my head
with the sheer weight of combative colors
all staving off a yellow jacket
and long brown hair, like wheat grass.

I am feeding on Bibles
and other scripture
their beauties and blasphemies 
arguing for spots in line

I am tiredly chewing on
the works of 1960's antiwar authors
and the poetry of simple minded
and seemingly innocent business-men

But every time I am brimming with
the catastrophes and philosophies 
of all these healthy distractions
she loses her way

And transforms into the golden goddess
I like best
charging in on a chariot,
triumphant as Apollo as the morning sun

She sweeps away a mustached veteran
and the doubting Thomas (though both good men)
and submerges my consciousness 
in her soft, honeysuckle eyes.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I've got three more poems. And they just keep coming. I don't believe I'll post a whole lot more as I'm working out the drafts in my notebook. And I'm skipping town in 2 weeks.
A confession:
I'm in love with paper. Everything about it is enticing and wonderful except bastard paper cuts, of course.
A friend of mine lent me her copy of Vonnegut's "A Man Without A Country" a couple of days ago and I finished it today. It was fascinating. If you a) haven't heard of it, b) haven't read it, or c) are a human being, I can only think of a single thing to say: read it, stupid.

He quotes Jesus and Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain throughout 11 brilliant essays. Three great men from history, which is a favorite subject of mine. Also, I've really been particularly interested in American history as of late, so I enjoyed the book especially.

There's no point to a post like this. I just felt like typing up a grotesque entry that wasn't a poem.

If you want to read my to-do list, here you go:
-finish online missionary stuff (immunizations, family history, email)
-mail missionary stuff to mission president
-Get motor vehicle report
-get baptism pants hemmed
-Go running
-find better mission music
-have hot sex

How's everybody doing?