Monday, May 7, 2012

Leisure Pursuit

Every day I capsize my head
with the sheer weight of combative colors
all staving off a yellow jacket
and long brown hair, like wheat grass.

I am feeding on Bibles
and other scripture
their beauties and blasphemies 
arguing for spots in line

I am tiredly chewing on
the works of 1960's antiwar authors
and the poetry of simple minded
and seemingly innocent business-men

But every time I am brimming with
the catastrophes and philosophies 
of all these healthy distractions
she loses her way

And transforms into the golden goddess
I like best
charging in on a chariot,
triumphant as Apollo as the morning sun

She sweeps away a mustached veteran
and the doubting Thomas (though both good men)
and submerges my consciousness 
in her soft, honeysuckle eyes.

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  1. Is this one of the ones you were telling me about? Email me the rest! This is so good! I LOVE YOU!