Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Am Poem (Lars Christensen)

I am a soccer freak and easily scared
I wonder how I will die.
I hear a toucan calling in my ear
I see a polar bear trying to stay alive.
I want global warming to cease
I am a soccer freak and easily scared.

I pretend to play basketball at night when I can’t outside.
I feel as if I could fly with joy.
I touch the soft feathery body of an eagle.
I worry Kai will never come back.
I cry when people swear at me.
I am a soccer freak and easily scared.

I understand that I will die someday.
I say that global warming is happening and the polar bears are dying
I dream a lot about robots and mechanics.
I try to help stop poachers, but I can’t.
I hope global warming will stop.
I am a soccer freak and easily scared.

By: Lars Christensen

Lars showed me this today almost completely out of the blue and I almost cried a few times. I feel like I've kind of been a wreck this past week. 
I love that little guy.


  1. wow, this is why i love Lars. this is REALLY beautiful.

  2. This is so precious. I don't know who Lars is, but he must be an amazing person.

    1. Lars is Niels' 11 year old little brother.