Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May 21, 2012 (MTC post #1)

Okay. The MTC is really nothing like I expected. I am sitting in the
laundry room right now typing this up while mi companero (Elder Waite from
Idaho Falls) is sitting and trying to work on our lesson tonight for our
investigator, Isabel. When I first got here, I was like, "What the?"
because you have to teach a spanish speaking investigator on day 2 and we
knew literally NO spanish. But we just tried to jump into the lesson and
really tried to teach but it was super tough because she kept chiming in
with questions and of course we had almost no idea what she was saying, so
we basically just  prayed and bore our testimonies (the two things they
teach you on day 2) and hoped she felt the spirit. I think it went OK.
Seriously the MTC is nuts. You're on a super tight schedule and literally
everything revolves around studying and teaching investigators and personal
study time and learning the language.

My teacher's name is Hermano Snyder from Farmington... and he says he knew
cousin Amanda and/or Kayla. WEIRD and awesome. Anway, he's incredible and
he teaches with the spirit so well. He perfectly rides the line between
teaching the language with seriousness and humour. I love him and he said
he would want to read some of my poetry if I wrote any in here and if I
felt comfortable about it. He served in Mexico and seriously, I couldn't
ask for a more rad teacher.

My companion's name is Elder Waite from Idaho Falls. (TANNER: He's a
freaking raindrop) He's just a wonderful, quiet, shy and kind of awkward
person but I really like him and we work well together. I try to break him
out of his shell that he's always just hanging out in and he quiets me down
and lets me know when I'm making too many jokes. His spanish is better than
mine (as in he knows more and is better with grammar) but he talks like the
biggest freaking gringo ever. I love him though, and I'm really glad we're
companions because he always motivates me to be better at the language and
studying scriptures during personal study time and whatnot. He also reads
really fast.

The first three days here were super tough and I honestly just wanted to
run home and sleep for 15 years. But I KNEW I couldn't and that I was here
for a reason, and i NEEDED to be here. Spanish is the right language for me
and God knows that. I am only beginning to realize it. I'm so grateful for
the missionary program and everything that it has to offer. People need the
gospel in their lives and it's hard to see, especially being raised in the
gospel and always being around it. but it's so true.

I LOVE my branch president, President Ricks. He went to Spanish Speaking
Arizona, and he told us that Spanish speaking states missions are the BEST.
Which got me way stoked to get out and serve the Lord. He's the kind of guy
that ALWAYS says the right thing when I need it especially when I'm feeling
super stetched from all the studying and stressful Spanish learning. ALSO
Ray Morgan is the second counselor in my branch and I love seeing him. He
comes around on Sunday evenings and chats with us in our rooms and it's
wonderful to see a familiar face every once in a while.
I've already ran into several people I know like Laura Sudweeks, and a few
kids from Timpview. It's great to see them too.
Here's a list of the guys in our district:
Elder Chipman: joined army, one of the nicest people I've ever met
Elder Romrell: loves basketball, gets sucked into missionary parties in the
halls, and me and him get along really really well. His dad passed away a
few years ago and he's just so strong and sweet.
Elder Allen: Quieter, short stocky, harvests bees, a really dillgent hard
Elder Hardy: from Portland, pretentious, picks on Elder Waite, but really
smart and very spiritually strong
Elder Gibbons: Tall skinny ginger, experienced Spanish speaker, easy going,
kind of a nerd.
Elder Johnson: TOTAL BRO. but really nice and really giving and caring.
he's our district leader and he's always watching out for everyone. He's
tall, with broad shoulders, tan skin and blonde hair. Shaves with straight
blade razor and i really like him.
Elder Peterson: LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE BIILL MURRAY. Always playing with a
rubix cube.
Elder Braithwaite: Caring, good spanish speaker, hard worker and very good
with his lazy companion Peterson.

Also, you'd all be surprised with how many freaking ski=jump hair cuts
there are here. It blows my mind.

Bryn! I got your letter, I'll write you this week. Thanks so much for the
CS Lewis and musical quotes.
Hayley thanks for your wonderful letter. It made me so happy. I wrote you
back today.
Tanner: write me!



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