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June 25, 2012 (MTC-6)

FAMILIA! HOW IS everybody? I love each and everyone of you and I pray for you all. This is God's work. AND I'm playing a huge part in it. As a missionary, I am presented with countless opportunities every day to Feel the spirit and touch peoples lives and teach and experience and live my life according to will of God. Which, I've discovered, is the only way to true joy.

OKAY. So this week is Mission president week (which means that all of the new mission presidents that are going to be going to their respective missions) are at the MTC, which ALSO means that several of the brethern are here as well. Like my two old zone leaders saw Russell M. Nelson walk in through the front doors. And Holland is here too, FOR SURE. However, the security is super right right now too and half of the lunch room is closed off which emans that the lines are like AN HOUR long which blows. But it's cool, because we're supposedly having somebody really BIG speaking tomorrow. Possibly Monson or Uchtdorf or Eyring. I would KILL someone if it was Eyring because I'd be so stoked.

So most of the elders in my district participate in Martes Partes (which means Tuesday Parts) which is basically all of us putting super nerdy parts in our hair on Tuesdays and it's great. Moving on...
On Tuesday night, after the devotional, I had a discussion with the zone leaders and President Ricks (who I can do an AWESOME impression of in case you were wondering) and we talked all about one of the elders in the zone who is really struggling. I can't really go into detail but it was a really interesting discussion and I learned a lot just about being a leader and caring for your district. After the meeting, Brother Morgan (Ray) came up to me and said he felt impressed to tell me that I was made district leader because there were certain ways taht I could relate to and help certain individuals in the district and I should reach out to them. THEN, about 10 minutes later, The two new zone leaders said pretty much the same thing. So I talked to that Elder. We talked for a while, probably longer than we should have and after our convo he expressed his gratifude for my words and friendship. God knows positions we need to be called into and he knows that YOU can help peopel in ways you never thought possible. I am grateful for the love God has given me and for the spirit that he uses to direct us for good.

I want to listen to The Beatles so bad.

Elder Waite and I taught an amazing lesson, filled with the Spirit the other day. Our "investigator" Fernando, is a reitred Catholic priest. We talked about repentance and baptism and he is SO CLOSE to committing to baptism. But at the end we offered to give hime a blessing of peace and understanding and he gladly accteped. After, Hermano Snyder was like "That was AWESOME. Good idea with the blessing. That made your lesson so personal and powerful." We felt so grand afterwards.
I'm so happy to be a missionary. It's so rewarding, especially when you work as hard as you can. I feel like God wants me here all the time and I'm truly making the right decisions.
This is for the friends: HEY. I loved hearing about your Moab trip. It sounded super dreamy and I was a wee bit sad I wasn't there. But it's alright, because I'm HERE.
Love you all. 

If you could meet and see all the Elders in my district, these would mean so much more to you and you'd see how awesome I am with the metaphors and objects.
Johnson: grain silo
Gibbons: cavity (in a tooth)
Braithwaite: real estate commercial
Peterson: a rook (chess piece)
Romrell: Red Baron's plane
Allen: circus clown
Waite: RAINDROP, goldfish
Hardy: a pair of green overalls
Chipman: oak tree.
So awesome. I'm way proud of these.

DAD: thanks for the pictures of camping. I got way nostalgic but it made me happy to know you guys are taking advantage of summer. It's awesome that Sam was with you guys too. I feel like Natalie and I are going to be chunky dweebos when we come back. OUR family is the coolest. Lars is even gettting cool. Oh I saw him with that bandana and semi shaggy hair. Man I love all you guys.
Mom: Thanks for the emails and updates. Love you. Continue to write me.

Finn and Lars: I want to hear from you again. Love you both. Finn, I was singing Mr. Tambourine Man the other day and my roommate just kept looking at me weird and being like "Who is that..." and I was like "It's DYLAN MAN." And he didn't really understand how great Dylan was. Listen to Jokerman for me, you dweeb.

CHRIS: write me

Hayley: LOVED YOUR LETTER. Gosh it was the best. I'm so stoked to finish writing you back today.

TANNER::  Baby, Darling, Dollface, Honey. I seriously got more stoked then I ever have been in my entire life to see that written on the front of your letter. I started singing it immediately and couldn't get it out of my head for like 3 days. You're the best. Loved your letter, loved you updates. I'm writing you back today COOL??

Bayley: you're just the greatest.

Bekah: Miss and love you. You're huge letter meant so much. I love having hot girl friends to write to. Especially cause I'm so close to all of you and I love you all so much.

KENT: WRITE me man. I love and miss you.


JAEZOOO: If you read this, write me a letter por favor.

My dad has been sending me poetry here and there and it's cool to know of the collection of comforting words I will posses towards the end of my mission.
Last thing: my Spanish is totally improving. I feel really confident and good and I just want to get to New Jersey already because I know that I'll be able to learn twice as much once I get there.
ALSO something to think about: I have learned more about La Expiacion de Jesucristo (The Atonement of Jesus Christ) in the time I've been here than in my entire life. It's such an incredible act and thing that I don't think I'll ever understand it completely. So everyone, take time to think about what The Lord, Jesus has done for you.

God loves all of you.


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