Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 9, 2012 (MTC-7)

Ok. I can't really believe that this is my last full week in the MTC. We leave a WEEK from today. We got our flight plans on Friday and we are all so stoked to get outta here. I'm not in a trio anymore, so it's just me and ol Elder Waite again. 

Lots of stuff happened this week though. Lots of radski stuff. Like yesterday, (por ejemplo) Elder Peterson and I talked about music during our entire temple walk. Mostly Thrice (Dad, people think it's so cool that you like Thrice) and some other bands but man, I seriously just felt like i emptied my head of all the stuff that I wanted to talk about when it comes down to music. Anyway, it's funny how that is such a HUGE stress reliever for us.

Also, concerning music: CHRIS: this other Elder (who is a little annoying and has a horrible singing voice) was sitting next to me in the cafeteria and was TRYING to impress an Hermana and was like "Man I LOVE The Beatles," then he proceeded to sing "Two of Us" in a horrible breathy bass voice and I wanted to shoot him. Not really, but seriously. And he literally only knew like the first line and then did that awful hum and I was like "Alright can you never sing that again please?" not really but I wanted to. I miss The Beatles.

This week was Elder Peterson's birthday and because he's a weirdo and always talks about how "the less clothes, the better", we sang to him on his birthday right as we woke up in this bed. Oh and right, we were all naked. It was pretty funny. Take that how you will. Man I'm the worst, I probably shouldn't be talking about stuff like that or even DOING stuff like that but it was seriously hilarious.

Dad and Mom thanks for your 4th of July update. For us, we had a little program with some Elders that fiddled and we sang primary songs like Popcorn Popping and stuff and then we had an ex-Judge speak to us. Let's just say, he was pretty boring. But he had a couple of cool interesting points. Afterwards, every missionary in the MTC got Magnum bars and we watched the fuegos artificiales. Fireworks. It was cool, afterwards, we had a rave / dance party / lightsaber battle, with glowsticks that Elder's moms sent to them. We're awesome OK?

DAD: loved the photos from the house. Made me really miss it, but not in a negative way. I'm so excited to get out into the field.

So yep, we got our flight plans. Our flight leaves at 9:57 on Monday morning. It's a straight flight to Newark, which will be cool. Not to boast or anything, but everyone has been talking about how nervous they are and how scared because they don't know spanish and they don't know that's it's going to be like and everything, but I really feel no fear or nervousness or ANYTHING. I just feel great. I just want to go talk to people and teach people and everything.

Do you want to hear my regular weekly goals?
1. Be quieter
2. Talk less
They kind of go hand in hand. But seriously, sometimes I feel like crap after we teach because I LOVE teaching. I seriously get a high out of it. I feel like I'm in my element when I sit down with any investigator and just talk and teach and ask thought-provoking questions and stuff. But the problem is, I don't really let other people (Elder Waite) do the teaching. I just love talking to people so much that I hardly allow room for other people to share their part. Whoops. I'm working on that.

I met with Brother Morgan yesterday and we talked for a while about all kinds of stuff and man, it was incredible. I love speaking with that man and taking his counsel (because it's ALWAYS good) and just having spiritual conversations with him.

We had a workshop on Saturday night where we talked about the Restoration and talked about how the Atonement really applies to it. Because all the time it may not seem like it, but EVERYTHING ties back to The Atonement of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Because without the Restoration and Joesph Smith, we would have no access to the keys and ordinances and blessings that the church of Christ brings. We would not even be able to repent and access the healing power of Christ, and I would not even be here without any of that. You all know that I have seen that in my life many many times. And it would be a shame to say that I don't use the greatest gift Jesus Christ has given to all men. The Atonement of Christ is the one way that we can return to God. I KNOW THIS. I have experienced and learned this , especially here in the MTC. It's so poweful.

It's strange to think how OFTEN we feel the spirit here. Like when I was home, it was maybe every other week or so. But I realized in the MTC, it's every single day and multiple times a day as well. It blows my mind because half the time I don't even notice how often the spirit is seriously just hanging with us, because we're all doing the things that we supposed to be doing and we're all in the exact place that we're supposed to.

All the Elders do hilarious impressions of President Ricks because he always says hilarious stuff, even if he's not trying. Like he always says "Quit WORRYING ABOUT THE SPAAAANISH." and he says it like that Spaaanish. Oh, by the way Pappy, he's from San Jose. Anyway so we walk around saying "The Spaaanish will come" and stuff like that and it's so freaking hilarious. Also, he always puts his own name in scriptues whenever it says another persons name or it's God talking to someone or something. So he'll say like "Jim.. thou art a son of God...." And stuff like that. I dunno why but we can't stop laughing everytime he does it and everytime we quote him. But we love him and think he's the greatest.

Hayley: Got your letter. Writing you today.
Tanner: WRITE ME. Dollface honey. Ps - I wear the shirt you gave me pretty much every night. I wear it with a pair of grandpa shorts and I leave the short hanging open and everyone thinks its hilarous and awesome.
Chris: Update me on stuff, and write back soon.
Bekah: write meeee.
Sister Natalie: I love you so so so much and miss you and was thinking about you the other day. I hope you're doing well and I hope you know that I think you're seriously one of the greatest people that I know.
Bayley: Sorry sorry, I'm wriing you today. i've been so freaking swamped.  love you.
Lydia: I don't know if you got my letter, but seriously thank you so much for the package and the letter. I felt top notch when I got it and I loved what you said to me. Write me back por favor.
KENT: write me bro bro. Love you and miss you.
FINN: GAh. Write me, you barf-face. PLEASE. Even if it's just an email, I wanna hear from you. it's seems like the only reason you wrote me was because you wanted my iTunes password. ps DO NOT BUY MUSIC ON ITUNES THROUGH MY ACCOUNT UNLESS YOU HAVE A PREPAID CARD. Thanks brother, love you.
Dad: Thanks again for those photos. I loved them and I loved your biking stories. Also, it seems like you have the personality of a millionaire author lately. You're like "Ah just going to have others teach for me and then I'll just kick back and ride bikes and take photos and finish up my book." Geez, who do you think you are? Love you Mattsy.
Mom: AH I loved the drinks and stuff but like I said: I didn't get the cheese spread or whatever it was because the mail room has to confiscate anything that could spoil. But I sent the bag back with Ray Morgan. But thank you so much for that stuff. It made my week. I love you and I really miss you. remember when we saw each other in the temple? that was nutzzzz.

I love you all. I can't really remember what else happened this week but it was all right. I miss music, I miss all you guys, but I know I'm here and that it's a wondrous thing for me.
Also, NATALIE: I get compliments every week on my outfits and stuff. People call me old man 70's / new age hipster. What the? Cool.

Gah. Have a lovely week and remember God is with you. Develep charity for all people for without charity, we are nothing but noise (1 Corinthians 13:1-4).


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