Friday, July 20, 2012

July 14, 2012 (MTC-8)

Ok a few thing to talk about, then I'm gone.

1. This one is for NATALIE: Rockstar Diaries' sister is here. Hermana Reid. I talk to her every now and then. The first time though was a little awkward, because it was like admitting you're a blog stalker but not to the person's face, to the person's sister. Anyway, I was just like "Hey uhh.... I read your sisters blog and I think it's cool....." And she was like "Whoah REALLY?" She told me that I was the first guy to ever to tell her that and she that that was sweet. I felt a little weird but it was alright. She is super cool/cute (dunno if I'm allowed to say that). She's serving in the New York, New York South, Spanish speaking mission. So literally like 20 miles away from my mission.

2. My teacher, Hermano Snyder is from Farmington and he knows the Gunnells. I can't remember if I already told everybody but COOL. He's the same age as Kayla and I told him that she just got married and he that was just grand. He's such a phenomenal teacher, he's inspired me to be a master teacher in the MTC as well as the field. Anyway, Gunnells: do you remember a Daniel Synder?
Ok, so we got permission to do mail on Saturday (today) so I'm just going to do a quick update, maybe make a few jokes, and get outta here.

We had in-field orientation yesterday. It was good. It was cheezy (skits and other awkward things concerning misionaros). It was long. But it got me excited to leave the MTC. So that's swell.
Still haven't washed my hair. But I got a sweet haircut. it's pretty much shaved on the sides and pretty long on top. So I comb it and use hair gely and it looks rad and slick. Get OUT. Anyway, I'm sending home my SD card on Monday before I leave. Don't worry I'm leaving it with a trusty Elder. Or I might just send it home today.
More singing in my head/out loud. It's wonderful.

Somebody needs to let Kayla and Daniel know how much I love them and how proud of them I am. Especially because they're both RM's and missions are tough. But seriously, also taank Kayla for her few letters. I'm sorry I didn't get any back to her.

Bayley: I'm sorry I haven't written you back yet. I'll write you as SOON as my first P-Day hits in my first area Ok? Love you.
Hayley: shoot me your email. And also don't send me a letter to the MTC because I probably won't get it anymore. I'll send my address of my first area on Tuesday or Wednesday plus I'll write you when I'm there. But you probably knew that. Love you.
Stilsons: love you sisters. I have both of your letters and I'm going to try to write you both back today.
Verina: Gosh. Loved the pictures, the stories and your letter in general. It was spectacular. hope all is well. i'll write you back soon from Jersey.
Chris, Emily: I heard the show was awesome.
Lydia, Chris: HOW WAS FREAKING RINGO STARR??????? Geez. ps - Lydia, I'm going to try and write you back today too.
Family: You're all so great and funny. Can't stress enough how blessed I am to be able to communicate with you all, even if it's rather limited. And guess who probably gets to skype you come Christmas? Yep. See ya.
Elder Hardy (an Elder in my district) is freaking awesome and hilarious. We hated each other at the beginning of the MTC but now we're great. He's from Portland, and he's always telling me after my mission that I need to come to Portland and hang out. Now that I've got connections there, I say YES. 

We're constantly quoting Mormon Messsages andn The Testaments because they can be freaking cheezy and hilarious. Maybe it's innappropriate but it's still awesome. The funny thing is, the things I think are innapropriate now are barely even. I'm such a square but it feels pretty good.

New Jersey. New Jersey. New Jersey. New Jersey.

Elder Waite and I are so stoked. Seriously all the food tastes the same now, class is long and the same and yep that's about it. But, we're working hard these last few days to finish out strong. I've got to go to breakfast.

Love you all.
"O Savior stay this night with me, behold tis eventide." (song of the past two weeks: Abide With Me, tis Eventide)
Ps - we're singing "Fuente de Mis Bendiciones" (come thou fount) in Sacrament meeting tomorrow. In Spanish.

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