Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 18, 2012 (MTC-5)

Hola errbody.

First off, let me just say how grateful I am to have A) the greatest family ever B) The greatest best-friend's-grandma ever (Sergene Bennion has sent me 3 packages so far) and C) the best friends ever. I'm so glad I'm not the depressed missionary that never gets any mail.

-Dad: Brother Williams (1st counselor in the branch presidency has a super nice pair of brown Allen Edmonds. We talked about shoes for like 20 minutes last night. It was awesome.
-I am now the new DISTRICT LEADER. Scary. I'm in charge of the 9 other elders in my district and now I have to go to meetings and stuff on Sundays and Tuesdays. It's going to be good, though and it's exactly what I need as I was feeling kind of crappy this week. I feel like I can really make a difference in the mood and mindset of these missionaries that have become my friends.

-On Tuesday, Elder Per G. Malm (from Sweden) spoke to us. His talk was really good, talking about the three pillars of missionary work and the way we can best use our time and energy as missionaries. He also said some scary stuff like how all of us are going to be continually tempted, even on our missions and how all of us are going to be tempted to commit "priestcraft" in one way or another. It's strange to think of the things that could be considered as "priestcraft" in our time.
We have been watching more of those 1-in-8-million presentations, a project by New York Times. And we practice teaching people as if they were from those videos. The photos of New York are so rad and I knew New Jersey is going to be prety similar as far as the architecture and the people and whatnot. Gahhhh! I'm just dying to get out and preach already. I feel like I've already begun developing a love for people, that their souls are already in my hands and I'm so EXCITED for the oppurtunity to preach to them and simply talk and share the message that I have which is beautiful. I've finally come to the realization that EVERYONE can benefit from joining the church and that anyone who hears this message CAN feel the goodness and powwer from it, because it is coming directly from God. I love being an instrument, just stepping back and saying, "Lord, what do you want me to do today?" I know obedience and humility are some of the most important attributes a missionary can develop, so THAT is waht I'm really working on.

THANKS TO EVERYONE who sent me lettters. I don't even use the computers in the laundry room anymore because it's like a freaking sauna in there and I get gross pit stains every time I try to type emails itn there. Most STRESSSFUL place in the MTC.

-Today, we did sealings in the temple (and it was really cool and intereesting and a little boring) HOWEVER, we had a bunch of names from a Sioux tribe and some of the names were like "Stinking Bear" and "Old Woman Gap" but the one that took the prize was "Fat Boy Scabby Face". Everyone in the room was cracking up, even the sealer and I was trying so hard to not bust up at the altar. Man, how could someone name their child that?....... "Uh hi I'm uh... Fat Boy Scabby Face....."
A couple of nights ago, we all just say in the classroom and quoted Dumb and Dumber and it was pretty hilarious. THEN we were talking about the last Friday we're here (which is basically nonstop orientaition for the field all day) And one the elders was like "I wonder what we'll do for meals on that day.." and Elder Peterson (who's chubby, hilarious and kind of a slacker but he's  cool) said "They'll be like 'Well Jesus fasted for 40 days so I think all of you can handle 1 day' and I'll be like 'Yeah well... we're not Jesus......... So BURGER ME.'" It was pretty freaking hilarious. He's a total prog rock kind of guy. He loves Sounds of Animals Fighting, Between the Buried and Me, Yes, Rush, and a bunch of weird prog metal bands. We talk about music sometimes.

Kai - If you read this, I've been putting your name in the temple and praying for you. I hope your court stuff goes well. I love you and I'd love to hear from you.

I feel like my english is already becoming retarted. There have been WAY MORE than 1 incident where I can't remember, for the life of me, what the English word for something is. My brain is just being crammed with Spanish, day and night. I've already had snippets of dreams in Spanish. It's weird. Even though my spanish sucks I really just want to preach the gospel and talk with people on the street already. I know I wouldn't understand a whole lot but I feel like God is DEFINITELY on my side and he'd give me a hand, duh.

Thanks so much for the package with the healthy snacks (everyone was jealous of my naked coconut water) and my shoes and DAD: the poetry is the BEST. It's totally sustaining me, creatively and I've been reading Prufrock A TON. So seriously thanks for that.
BEKAH - Thanks again for your letter, I'm writing you TODAY. And you're first. SOrry it's taken me so long i've been a wee bit busy this week.
MARY - thanks for the letter, writing you back this week too.
EVA - write me PLEASE. I would LOVE to hear how you're doing!
TAnner - write me you freaking rocket ship.
Bayley - sorry I didn't warn you earlier about Elder Romrell. He's cool though and he was a wee bit depressed about not getting a whole lot of mail.
Mom - Love you. Thanks for all your emails. Write me too. I love handwritten letters from you. And thanks for the spanish tips.

I did a tie swap the other night with a Scottish guy going to Leon France. We chatted about men's fashion and I got a couple of skinny ties from him. He left today though.

Dad, like I said, I'lll send you my SD card soon. And you can just take all the pictures off and send it back to me ( DONT DELETE THE PHOTOS THOUGH)

HAYLEY. Write me. I've probably got a letter waiting so sorry i've already got one. I want to share a sweet poem with you.

GOD LOVES US ALL. I don't want any of you forgetting that. Remember that the church is one of the most extraordinary foundations you will ever have and it is much more spectacular than any of us could ever understand. Like with the Atonement: I don't think I'll ever fully understand it, not in this life at least. It's so beautiful and the MTC is a prefect place to expound my understanding of one of the most sacred and powerful actions on this earth.


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