Friday, June 15, 2012

June 11, 2012 (MTC-4)

Elder Waite and I were talking about how stupid the English word "Oh" is. What the FREAK does it even mean?? It can literally mean anything you want it to. Like people that are just like "oh." We were cracking up because it's so stupid.

The more we learn Espanol, the more we learn how ridiculous Enlglish is. Like why is laugh spelled with a "U" and a "G" and an "H"? Crazy. I love learning spanish because it completely opens up your mind to an entirely new and amazing spectrum of language understanding. You learn so much more about your native tongue when you learn another language. At least 5 times a week, someone in our district will mention how we would already be gone if we were English speaking. We als frequently talk of how EASY english missionaries have it. Those dorkwads are here for 3 WEEKS. And then they just get to go speak a language they've been speaking all their lives... WHAT DO THEY EVEN DO IN THE MTC? Because all we do is speak Spanish and learn spanish. Well not ALL we do, but a HUGE portion. Anyway. There's my English speaking missionary rant. Speaking of English, there are two British missionaries in the room next to ours going to Greece on their mission. Also aScottish missionary across the hall. He's got a bunch of really great scottish wool ties. MY TIES kind of suck, I realized. DADDDDDDDDDDDD can you send me some cool skinny ties?? PLEASE! PLEASE. I can even pay for them if you want. And ANYONE ELSE (FRIENDS, ie, Tanner, Chris, Bekah, Hayley, Bayley, Kent, Jae, Sam, ETC) that loves me and wants to send me a gift to make my day... Like a tie. Because seriously, I would love that more than you'll ever know. Just kidding, don't really...... but seriously do.

HOW is everybody doing? I want to start off by saying how much each of you mean to me. I love all of you so much and I'm grateful for this chance I have to at least somewhat communicate with you. I'm grateful for your beautiful support and for all the wonderful things you did for me before I left and CONTINUE to do for me as I am here in the MTC. Every time I go on temple walks on Sunday afternoons and Monday mornings I look out to where my house is, to where Tanner's house is, and to where Hayley's house is (cause they're all practically within sight of where I walk). It's incredible weird how close everyone is. Like the first temple walk I went on, I was so miserable because everyone was so close. So I just sat on a bench like a lemon and stared at my feet, knowing that if looked towards home I'd probably start running away. My mindset has of course changed and I am full of gratitude for the Lord's hand in that. I've come to the brilliant acceptance that it is such a fantastic PRIVELAGE for the Lord to allow me to help him with his work.
Every time I think about getting to New Jersey (Neuvo Yersey en Espanol) I wanna throw up because I'm so stoked. I LOVE people and I love working with them and I WILL love working with people.
ALSO: JUST BECAUSE my letters are being posted to my blog, doesn't mean you can't write me.. BEST FRIENDS ESPECIALLY: you have no idea know amazing a hand written letter is to get.

Hayley, just got your lettter. I'm writing you today.
Tanner: Did you also get my letter?
Bay: You TOO???
Chris: write me man, I miss you.
Bekah: I woke up thinking about you today and I felt like you needed my prayers. So just know that I love you and am praying for you and your family. Write me and let me know how you are doing. (PSYCHE I just got your letter, writing you back today or tomorrow. it was the BESSSSSSSTTTT)

Ok, so I've had 3 migraine headaches / ocular headaches since I've been here. THREE. What the..? Why? I think it might be the food and dehydration (because I hate drinking fountains) and the lack of regular excersise. But they suck and my vision goes NUTS whenever they happen. I had 2 this week which sucked a ton. Like last night, I had tunnel vision with my left eye and a huge chunk of my right was just caved out. So i might have to see the doctor about it. But I'm probably just going to die.

Ok does anyone else (family) love Natalie so much? I think she's hilarious and I'm so glad she's my sister and that we're both serving missions.

My roommate elder Romrell broke his hand this week. Playing basketball. He's pretty funny and his favorite phrases are: "You'd be surprised..." and "that's pretty messed up..." He's great.
Our district might get to usher and give the prayer at the 4th of July devotional. Which means that somebody BIG is going to be there... like Monson or an apostle.
I miss everyone but I'm slowly getting more and more adapted to the missionary lifestyle. It's not bad at all. The rewards are amazing. It's interesting because  

Grandma Sergene Bennion has sent me TWO packages since I've been here. She rocks.
Also, gracias Madre for sending me stuff and also for sending me 18,000 emails. Love you. Haha seriously.
PARENTS: ALSO, send me healthy snacks. AND TELL Jed and Natalie thanks for the baptism pants and Cliff Bars. I've already eaten one of them and it was delicious. THAT's the kind of snacks I like, too, mom and dad. GOOD snacks. Like healthy stuff. Entonces...... (anyway)

I've got to go. Thanks again, everyone for being such an amazing support to this missionary. I'm so glad ALL OF YOU are in my life.

Con amor,
Elder Niels Christensen

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