Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June 4, 2012 (MTC-3)

To BEGIN, I have a few stories:
1. Elder Allen and Elder Romrell are the other two Elders in mine and Elder Waite's room. And they're awesome. Elder Allen is short and stocky, really kind and a really dedicated hard worker. I really respect him. In the first week, he was sick and we all got the oppportunity to give him a blessing he was 100% better the next day. The priesthood power is so real. ANYWAY, Elder Allen told us that they were in a lesson the other day and he asked the investigator (a retired Catholic priest), "El Pope (he pronounced it PO-PAY) es un profeta?" He TRIED to say "El Papa es un profeta" which means "Is the pope a prophet?" but what he really asked was "Is poop a prophet?" (the word for feces is "popa") And the investigator got all wide-eyed and was like "Whaaaa?? Popa??!" It was pretty freaking hilarious. I laugh every time I think about it. We're all so immature, we can't help it.
ALSO, Elder Allen peed on another Elder's foot in the shower the other day. I almost threw up because I was laughing so hard.
2. I SAW MOM AT THE TEMPLE THIS MORNING. So crazy. I just got into the Celestial room and I looked up and mom was BOOKING it towards me with her arms outstretched. Unfortunately, I could only shake her hand, because she's a woman. Kind of a crazy rule, but I understand it, of course. Anyway, we talked for a few minutes and it was so strange yet awesome at the same time. Love you Mom. So wonderful to see you today (especialmente en el templo).
3. I was ecstatic today because after Elder Waite and I left the temple this morning, he was like "Some guy came up to me, right before you came up to me, and was like 'are you guys Elders from the MTC?' and I was like 'uhh yeah' and he said (take a note of this MATTHEW) 'Make sure your companion shaves next time you guys come.'" I was so stoked to hear that! Because it was p-day, I decided to shave when we got back to our room in the afternoon. So I only had 1 day's worth of stubble. ONE DAY. I got called out which MEANS: My facial hair is coming along nicely. Just everyone wait till I get home and never cut my hair or shave ever again. I'll look like a dirty hippie or something. Or maybe I'll just look like Finn.

Lots of cool spiritual things going on/happened. A) I realized part of the reason we are so tired all the time is because the spirit is practially everywhere here. And you feel it ALL THE TIME. Though you don't notice it enough. Anyway, we were talking about how when Joseph Smith experienced the 1st vision, he was drained afterwards and couldn't stand up immediately after. He regained his strength and THEN he walked home. So I kind of feel like that all the time, except I haven't experienced any life-changing visions yet. I'm counting on few though (only joking).
B) Elder W. Craig Zwick (of the seventy) came to speak with us last Tuesday and he was absolutely amazing. I never thought I could be hit so hard, emotionally and spiritually by someone like that. He gave his talk on the Book of Mormon and challenged all of us as missionaries to read it again, cover to cover. It has changed so many lives and helped so many people. I seriously can't describe the spirit that was there and the way that I felt after his talk. I just wanted him to speak for 20 years straight about the Book of Mormon and doctrine and whatnot.
C) After our  session at the temple today, Elder Waite and I went into the sealing room that his parents were sealed in. It was cool, it was one of the bigger ones. And Elder Waite touched the altar and then put his head down and wept for a few minutes. I put my hand on his shoulder and then I whipped out a tissue and handed it to him and he laughed. But it was a cool experience. I know we are supposed to be here for each other right now. Elder Waite is very inspiring and movitvating.

AHH I'm trying to think of other things that happened today, but my mind is gone right now. I'm planning on writing letters to a few people. I'm not sure who yet though.

Missions are so cool. I don't remember if I told everyone, but my teacher, Hermano Snyder was talking to everyone in the district about what we were actually HERE for. Because God could just give us the language and the words to speak, but we are REALLY HERE to have a better understanding of Christ and to increase our personal testimony of the Atonement. We are at the MTC to learn how to love people and become closer to Christ. There is NOTHING in the missionary purpose that says something about mastering the language. I was pretty stoked on that even though the language is coming along nicely.

Sorry this letter sucks. I'm kind of absent minded and spacey right now.
I love everyone and everyone should know that I miss all of you and pray for you.

OH LAST THING. Tanner, Hayley, Bayley: All of your letters were INCREDIBLE. I was so inspired and felt so loved and supported. The first week when I got letters from friends, I just was super homesick and just wanted to hear their words to distract me. NOW they are the best thing ever because they inspire me to be a better, more dedicated missionary.

KENT: write me
FINN: write me

SEND MY camera and don't forgot to post these on my blog because I want everyone to see it.

Elder Niels Christensen

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