Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I've got three more poems. And they just keep coming. I don't believe I'll post a whole lot more as I'm working out the drafts in my notebook. And I'm skipping town in 2 weeks.
A confession:
I'm in love with paper. Everything about it is enticing and wonderful except bastard paper cuts, of course.
A friend of mine lent me her copy of Vonnegut's "A Man Without A Country" a couple of days ago and I finished it today. It was fascinating. If you a) haven't heard of it, b) haven't read it, or c) are a human being, I can only think of a single thing to say: read it, stupid.

He quotes Jesus and Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain throughout 11 brilliant essays. Three great men from history, which is a favorite subject of mine. Also, I've really been particularly interested in American history as of late, so I enjoyed the book especially.

There's no point to a post like this. I just felt like typing up a grotesque entry that wasn't a poem.

If you want to read my to-do list, here you go:
-finish online missionary stuff (immunizations, family history, email)
-mail missionary stuff to mission president
-Get motor vehicle report
-get baptism pants hemmed
-Go running
-find better mission music
-have hot sex

How's everybody doing?

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  1. Niels! Get some Jenny Oaks Baker and Paul Cardall (and lots of Chopin and Liszt and Debussy...) Jenny plays pristine hymn arrangements on her violin with orchestral/piano accompaniment. It will make you cry. Paul plays some really light, easy, improvised hymn arrangements on the piano. Let me know if you want a thumb drive of their music (or maybe you've already got enough). =)