Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 17, 2012

Ok. Not much time. Email can be stressful.
-It is September. It's cooling down and it's awesome. I don't notice the humidity anymore.
-I never thought this would happen, BUT I started picking up a little New Jersey mannerism in my speech. The only one I can think of right now is the fact that I say "How you doin"? to everybody but I sound a little like an East Coast person. Embarrassing. Parents, remember how I told you if I come back with an accent or anything, you can beat me? That still stands. So I've been consciously thinking about how I talk now.
-Spanish is improving. Still struggling with being able to understand everything that people say. I know that that will just come time. TIME: greatest gift from God. Time to live, time to be.
-Had an UNREAL french dinner last night at Jackson's house (Indian guy in the english ward). Dad you would have loved it. Listen up: Appetizer: mussels with tomato, fennel, garlic and onions, with fresh bread and pesto.
Pork shoulder with potatoes, rosemary, salt, pepper and an apple cider sauce, with sauteed apples on the side.
A macaroni gratin with grated Gruyere on top
Cooked baby carrots with creme fraiche, butter, salt and thyme.
Dessert was just some fresh seasonal fruit with homemade french sour cream on top.
Goodness, it reminded me of home.
We had an AWESOME lesson with him too. We talked about forsaking the world, through the Atonement of Christ and how we can better understand the Atonement. I seriously want to be just like Jackson when I get home.
-Investigator Israel made me a "WWJD" bracelet. It's awesome.
-Visited a converted Jew in the english ward, (because we had a lesson with his spanish speaking mother) named Moshe. He's 23, preparing to serve a mission and is an amazing person. He got the Melchizidek Priesthood last week.
-With that lesson with Maria (Moshe's mother), it went pretty well. But it was weird because it was like she was interviewing us for her thesis statement on Christian religions. BUT, while we were teaching, Moshe's brother in law came home and sat and listened and then started arguing with us. And literally, the second that that happened, the spirit got up and left. So we just sat there as this guy yelled at us about the Bible and how we don't need prophets because of the Holy Spirit. it was ridiculous. Finally Elder Magelby just cut him off and told him that we needed to go.
-We've been doing TONS of finding this week, as our investigator pool is running thin. Lots of hard work with little success. it's alrigth though.
-KENT - Got your letter. I about died when i saw that you wrote me. Writing you back SOOON.
-Tanner thanks for the photos.

Love you all. Thanks for your undying love and support. Let me know if you need anything from me.

-Elder Niels Christensen

ps - Jackson is coming to Utah to check out BYU and he said he'd take stuff to you guys for me. He's awesome and unreal. Family, you need to meet this guy, he's one of the most amazing indiviudals I've ever met. So I'll let you know soon.

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