Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 13, 2013 (Plainfield)

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in my life. You all are the greatest. Thanks to Mom, Bonnie, Aunt Grady, and Grandma for chatting with me yesterday. It was really wonderful to see you all. 

How is everyone doing? Life here is grand, except this morning during our morning exercises, we played frisbee... and I sprained my ankle super bad. Feeling like a wuss and a gimp. Hobbling around. AND Elder Leon convinced me to dip my entire leg into a bucket of ice water which I did and wanted to die immediately afterwards. Anyway, hopefully it will be good to go in a couple of days because I NEED to get out and keep working. 

One thing I think missionaries come to realize on their missions is this: if we're not working, you feel WORTHLESS. Obviously, with that comes pro's and con's. The pro's are: I won't slip into any super lazy routines and I LOVE progression. I always want to be better every day. Con's: you really do feel HORRIBLE about yourself if you're not putting every ounce of energy into some specific aspect of work. Anyway interesting concept.

This week was great. We spent some time studying with Elder Mortensen, the senior missionary that serves in the Plainfield branch with us. It's hilarious and fun studying with him because he has good spanish but he's always looking up these crazy HUGE words that NO ONE uses in spanish because they're from ancient spanish, really formal spanish, or dead spanish. He's wonderful though and he's a huge help to us.

We also did TONS of contacting. One day, Elder Sailsbery and I were out teaching, biking, contacting, etc. and literally throughout the day, 15 black people contacted us wanting to know more. We turned all of them over to the English elders. Bummer, sometimes i wish I could serve Spanglish so i could teach EVERYONE I meet. It's interesting how BECAUSE of that, you learn to pick out the Latin faces in the crowd and contact them. It's cool to pick up little cultural gifts like that..

Other things: we taught 46 lessons this week as a 4panionship. That was pretty rad.

I'm sorry this was so boring.

I know the church is true. I know that we have all been called and chosen and foreordained to be servants of the Almighty. The Lord Jesus Christ is out Savior and Redeemer and He shall come again. I have an unbreakable testimony of the Lord of our Father in Heaven. He cares. I hope you all have a wonderful week full of the spirit. God loves us.


"We'll drink horse-bark root beer
and sit on the back stairs..." (summer song; Animal Tracks by three lovely ladies in a group called MOUNTAIN MAN).

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