Tuesday, January 21, 2014

13 January, 2014, East Brunswick, NJ

Life is great here are the updates:

1. I'm a district leader in East Brunswick, which is a huge Spanish driving area. LOTS of cool people here. It's also right next door to Perth Amboy which means I can VISIT people I baptized and love and miss.
2. My new companion is Elder Wood, yes, the very same Elder Wood that lived with me in Passaic for 3 months. He's hilarious, and a little disheveled, but I'm so excited to work with him.
3. The area had not passed 15 lessons in a week since Elder Blanco served here back in July. This past week we taught 20 which is the mission standard. Party on Wayne!
4. There are lots of amazing members, including our Ward Mission Leader, Carlitos, a chubby Guatemalan guy that LOVES the gospel and the missionaries, and we crammed 6 missionaries into his car the other night because they decided to have Coordination meeting on a Thursday night (which is our WALKING DAY) and then we were all sitting on each other's laps and Carlos was sticking pieces of paper into Elder Hughes' ear and giggling like a little boy and I was dying of laughter in front seat.
5. We're spending time working with all our members. So we've been busy because previous missionaries were a little disobedient and spent a lot of their time HANGING OUT at members houses, including the Bishop's house, so a bunch of the members think we're lazy and don't take our callings seriously. I'm KILLING those missionaries with my thoughts right now. 

The church is true, Christ lives.


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