Monday, May 3, 2010


no other title would suffice.

today, i promised lydia that i would never watch silence of the lambs, because she said it sounded foul... i mean, not that i was planning on watching it, but it's probably a good idea anyway, due to my weak stomach.
no joke. today, during physiology, i felt like throwing up while dealing with a chicken wing. actually the chicken itself wasn't that bad, but when i cut into the muscle, maybe it started bleeding a little bit. not as bad as a 30 pound cow heart that reeks of prerequisites to vomiting.

mmmmm.... i'd like a large portion of that right now, along with a steaming mug of pancreatic juice (all credit goes to chris on that one).

now really quick, i want you to picture me... sitting on my bed, listening to portugal. the man's the satanic satanist, feeling totally relaxed, drinking a glass of fresh orange juice.............. that's not what's happening right now. actually i feel like crap. i smell like a dog, i have a headache, my eyes are watering, but tailbone is asleep and i'm gay... oopss.. i mean blind (no offence at all to people that are gay, i'm simply making fun of a reporter). finished.

"is that what this is, a lark in the court of the king? is it!? is that what you're trying to tell me!?"
-murray hewitt

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