Saturday, May 29, 2010

mt. pleasant trip and a colored hand

"[i sleep] on a bed of money surrounded by many beautiful women."

events of the month: mother's day and our show in Mt. Pleasant...... here's a piece:

day 1: we drove down around noon. jammed. mariocart wii. jammed again. packed up. checked into the venue (THE ILLUSION ACADEMY!). got pizza. watched some of the most awful bands i've ever seen, (the second band was a "metalcore" band that just "showed up" to play one song. awesome), (ps - concerning the first band, i mean, i 'm usually the one to be like "they weren't bad at all," but this show i was like, "ooh uh... they weren't bad. they just needed to tune, and play on time, and get singing lessons, and actually listen to the songs they were covering, and not play a "WEEPING DEMON" wah solo in every song, and not blame everyone for sounding like crap, and get a drummer, and not be bastards. no big deal, right?).

after that we played probably our best show. we played well. our crowd was incredible. 80 kids we didn't know and more than half were extremely "turned on" girls. sorry for being graphic. but it's true. we got to play around 11 songs. 2 extra because P.A. problems and broken guitar strings. chris broke his high e while tuning, so tucker and i performed an almost finished acoustic song. it was swell. oh and mine and chris' harmonies in "(this is) the dream of evan and chan" (an awesome cover) felt so good. man i love singing without a mic.

day 2: stayed up ALL night. drank way too much pepsi. played dashboard and bon iver with matt. watched a crappy movie. laughed a lot. went dirt biking/off-roading at about 6:30 in the morning. at first i was a wiener: i burned my ankle on the the bike, so i didn't feel like riding anymore. yeah i know, really funny. imagine me pouting it up in the backseat of a car. but after lunch, i gave it a second try and figured out that it was crazy fun. but, i'm still a wuss. anyway. started driving home. got pulled over. went to taco time, (we were all so retarded from this point due to lack of sleep. also, forgot to mention - chris got in a fight with some pine tree branches while riding the dirt bike, so it looked like brad pitt punched him several times right in the face. basically every other sentence from tucker was "haha dude look at your face."). got some nacho's and a veggie burrito. drove home. hung out with kent. drew pictures. coloured my entire hand with markers. slept like a baby for 13 hours.

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