Tuesday, July 27, 2010

it's late.

Today, I had the biggest thrill of my life. So I was on the computer this morning looking up info on Jónsi, (why? maybe because I research/stalk bands/artists. Maybe it's a little creepy to some people that I know, (for example), what some of the-lead-singer-of-Crystal-Castles'(whose name is Alice Glass, I thought you should know)-daily activities are. Maybe I see it as perfectly normal. Maybe I like to be creepy in that distant sense. Let's keep moving).

Geez. This is too long already and now I'm frustrated. Anyway, to cut to the chase, I bought two Jónsi tickets right as they went on sale. I was like, "Awww cool, he's coming to SLC in October and tickets go on sale.... RIGHT NOW! Holy hell!" (yes I apologize but I did curse. Sometimes I let my excitement get the better of me). Sounds totally gripping right?

I decided I would invite my bist frind Mary. (no "e's" on purpose).

This is Mary.

Stolen from her FB.
(Her style is totally cute and rad).

Mary likes guns. No really. Earlier we were talking about how she shot a snake with a shotgun and laughed with glee shortly after. What a murderous little......... kidding. That's a lie. I'll have to ask her if she really likes guns.

Mary and I hang out at her house.

According to Pappy, Mary sounds like a 13 year old.

Mary is now an angry person. She doesn't smile. At least, she tries not to. I'm gotten pretty good at forcing one out every once in a while. This tragedy is due to Mary's newest edition... braces. Oh it's so exciting.

Anyway, this concert will be swell.

ps - newest way I sign my name is something like:

Niels H. Christensen, Therapist Extraordinaire (or something similar)
nielshenryc@gmail.com, 801.377.5144

I just find the term "extraordinaire," hilarious. Almost as funny as "cut the cake!"

pps - I thought you should know - I cleaned up puke in the hallway, at the hospital, just the other day, (for those of you who don't know, I intern at UVRMC, following Physical Therapists around and pushing wheelchairs. Sometimes Shane (my head supervisor) makes me take apart wheelchairs and when that I happens I finish, but caked in grease. Thanks for making me feel like a mechanic, Shane).


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