Sunday, August 22, 2010

Finn and Skeleton Mask.

Finn and I went on a bike ride.

I wore a skeleton mask.

Finn took pictures of me.

We took pictures in the tunnel underneath University Avenue, kind of by our house. I want to bring a guitar and some people and play music in there. Dirty, grimy, slightly echoee. It would be sweet.

It was funny because, first of all, I got really stoked and was like, "Finn! Wanna go on a crazy bike ride?! Just put on all black clothes and maybe a beanie..." But then I realized it would be dumb if we both looked weird/like burglars. So I changed my mind and had Finn wear standard skating attire, (or whatever he wears every day).

We bought grape Powerade's at BuyLow. We played with shopping carts. Finn pushed me into a curb while in the shopping cart, (It's okay, I told him too).

I tried to take pictures of Finn.

It was a successful excursion.



  1. A. i like your pixxx. B. Should've worn helmets. C. Remember that time you came up to me in bed wearing that mask?

  2. Ohhhhh in bed.. Natalie... goodness.