Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Being Blind Last Night

Last night I was moving pipe in one of the barley fields. After I was finished, with much pain and suffering, I began sauntering back on the outskirts of the field towards the house. Then I decided to take off my glasses. Being blind can be cool. I like not worrying about looking and anxiously observing everything around.

So picture this: Me, stumbling through a great barley field with the moon laying low in the dark blue sky behind me and to the left, and pale blue mountains in the distance. I'm wearing a green raincoat that is soaked beyond reason, muddy blue jeans, a gold necklace (which my glasses are hanging from) and knee high rubber boots caked in 3 inches of wet, heavy mud. My feet are dragging, my arms hang lazily in my raincoat pockets and my head is up looking up and all around at the far from dull smudges and blurs of blue and green and brown surrounding me.
I can't even see Chris, who is not that far away from me, who is finishing his pipe line.
I feel invincible, unstoppable.

Picture me naked.


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  1. Niels - Stop it. >:[ <-- Gemma face, remember?