Friday, June 10, 2011

A Secret

My good people. I have discovered something magnificent. Something I had a good idea about but then received the whole truth. Something that makes me happier than almost anything else on the planet. There's only one problem: I cannot tell anyone over my blog. For this secret that I now carry is darker and more devilish than anything (not really) you're ever dreamed of. Also, someone that reads my blog can't know about this secret. NO, it does not have to do with secret love or anything relating to women at all, NO it does not have to do with men either, I guess. Nope, I didn't rob a bank and I definitely didn't lose my virginity.

Just ask me, if you can find me. When you do, I might just flash a knowing smile and tell you to go away. But probably not. I'll probably tell you, if I like you.

ALSO, found a second best friend:

He helped me vanquish at least 20 flies. Chris didn't help me do that.

ANOTHER ALSO, Chris, Javan (not black) and I named our hoes:
Javan: Delilah
Chris: Ophelia
Niels: Persephone


  1. wow, i'd really really like to know now. hmm. i wish you guys would come home already. pfft.

  2. Well then, that makes you Hades! - AHH!!!