Wednesday, March 7, 2012

An' I've try-ee-ai-ee-ai-d

Do you ever feel like you do things FOR people?
It's an idiotic question in the sense that the answer is plainly, undeniably yes, at least for anyone who shares a certain bond of love with anyone else.

Of course, it is patchy and even dangerous to draw your happiness from other people, especially just one individual... yet it happens all the time, all the same. Let me make a simple stock market analogy. You have invested a large portion of your money in the silver industry. The silver industry crashes. You crash. See?

You give yourself to someone.
In brighter cases, they give their self back.
It's a simple cycle and it's pure when you don't hold anything back.

There's not really a point to this introduction.

I feel like I do so (too) many things for other people. There's a difference between doing things for people because you wish for their happiness and doing things for people because you think it's what they would want you to do.
I'm going on a mission because I want to, but also because other people want me to. The normality of that could be a negative thing...

Just some thoughts. No REAL meanings. They're not even based off of anything that has happened.


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  1. Just so you know, I think as long as you put your full heart into a mission, it doesn't really matter HOW or WHY you got there. And if you're the Niels I know you are, you'll do just that. Proud of your decision! I truly am.