Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7, 2012 (Perth Amboy)

First thing so I don't forget: BEKAH. Do you think you could send me a picture of you and I at Delicate, the one take on your phone, I think? I want that photo because it's the BEST.

I can't remember if I wrote it in my last letter but I got to confirm Maria K. a member of the church last week. It was all like heat of the moment. We went up to confirm her and she just pointed at me and said "Christensen". So I did it. And Elder Giglio made fun of me for saying 1 thing wrong. I don't even remember what it was. Sorry I don't have perfect Spanish, native Mexican. 
Mine and Elder Giglio's relationship is hilarious: We love each other, in the sense that we hug and make food for each other, and then I tackle him in our apartment and punch his shoulder 50+ times until he throws me off and wails on me. He's my brother and we've been together so long that I feel like we'll never leave each other.

We had a really good week with the New Year and everything. On New Year's Eve we watched the Joseph Smith film (full length) with Juan Jose. He loves Joseph Smith and he really enjoyed the film. After that we saw Darmis for a moment and gave her our fighting Christmas card. She loved it so much and hung it up on her wall immediately after we gave it to her. Man, I was telling our District leader, Darmis is more trunky than anyone else I know. Even more so than my family. She's always talking about "after the mission" and when we get married, and when we have kids and how she's going to come visit us and stuff. We always tell her "Hermana! Ya le dijimos que la mision nunca termina!" (Hermana, we already told you, the mission never ends!).
Finally, after those appointments, we saw the awesome Familia Chico, from Puebla Mexico. They fed us delicious homemade red chili and green mole tamales. Oh MAN it was rich. Their little kids are so hilarious: Vanessa, who is like 8 or 9, is missing her two front teeth, and always wears a red dress to church, and Daniel is like 4 or 5 and has a lisp (like in the side of his mouth, it's adorable).

Anyway, I'm rambling.

Hermano Luna took us to the car wash on Wednesday night after Ward Correlation, because he was giving us a ride home. It was one of those awesome ones where you just sit in your car while Latin men in jumpsuits dance and hover around your car like worker bees, spraying and scrubbing. Then we went through the part with the tentacles and the high powered air pressure. I don't think I've done that since I was 4 or 5 years old. I probably had one of the biggest, dumbest smiles on my face the whole time. I looked back at Elder Giglio and he was smililng and laughing too. Now THAT is joy. We felt 5 years old. Hermano Luna was just laughing the whole time. He's awesome.

We had some really good lessons with less-actives and recently found investigators too. Blanca, from Peru, who lives 2 houses away from us, had us over and we both felt like we should stay for longer than the usual hour appointment. It proved to be a really good idea from the spirit. We talked with her about bettering her prayers, and really COMING unto Jesus Christ. By the end of the lesson, it felt like we had broken down all of these barriers of bitterness, laziness, and fear and she was so happy and full of the spirit. She even invited us over for dinner tonight (Monday) for ceviche and other Peruvian food. I LOVE CEVICHE. It's like a sea-food soup, but so delicious and spicy with lots and lots of chili and lime. 

Anyway. It was a good week. But we might be in jail next week... but seriously. A member put in a demand for us to be sent to jail or pay him/her 3,000 dollars. More on that later. We know everything's going to be alright. The Lord will always provide for us.

There's this hilarious old guy named Elder Clark (senior couple) who always says stuff in a gruff, old man's voice, "Hey ELDER! Elder. Did you hear the news... the church is still true.. Heh HEH! It's still true!" It's seriously the most hilarious thing ever. OH and sometimes when he answers the phone (when he knows he's gonna be talking with another member he says, "The Book is blue, the church is true, and I'm talking to YOU, this is Elder Clark!" Man Elder Storey does a really good impression of it and I DIE everytime he does it.

BUt really, the church is still true. I love the Book of Mormon and I'm so grateful for the Restoration of the church of Jesus Christ, the SAME church that Jesus Christ established when HE was on the earth and ministering unto the Jews.


ps - Sorry this was a long, boring email. Love you all.

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