Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28, 2013 (Perth Amboy)

These past two weeks have been FREEZING. The wind has swept in and it feels like it's tearing your skin off when you step outside. For example, in my last apartment in Kearny I found long-john thermals, so I wear those over garments, pross clothing, cardigan sweater, wool socks, fake down jacket, peacoat, beanie, gloves, and 2 scarfs. One for my neck, one for my face. We look like buffoons, but obviously we don't care.

So this week was pretty awesome, and pretty lousy at the same time. I honestly don't know how I maintain a supreme level of happiness most of the time. I think it's because the Lord knows how easy I can fall, so he's constantly lifting me up and rewarding us for working so hard. We had a couple of cool miracles though. On Saturday, our kind-of-investigator Angel told us that he can now be baptized, because he doesn't live with his girlfriend anymore. We were a little bummed because they weren't progressing very much because they were living in sin and breaking the law of chastity, but know they have more potential. He told us that his girlfriend left and took their daughter too and he was distraught and depresed, but one day he was cleaning his room and found his Book of Mormon and started reading in Alma 14 about Alma and Amulek and felt that some of his questions were answered, because the very next day his girlfriend came back and let him see his daughter for a while. So he told us that he can be baptized now. The book of Mormon is true, duh.
Also, we visited our Honduranian, anime-loving buddy, Jorge Reyes. He's so cool and humble and loves what we preach and we finally got him a Book of Mormon (after the 3rd visit.. I know, worst missionaries better). He told us how excited he is to start reading the Book of Mormon and pray about it. He also, understands authority really well. He kept making awesome analogies by himself like "Yeah! It's like if you wanted to get married, and you had ME marry you and your wife, it wouldn't mean anything. Because an authority would ask you 'Well who married you' and you would say 'Jorge Reyes, my friend. He's super awesome and he always gives us a little water.' but it wouldn't mean anything because i dont' have the power to do it." That part about the water was hilarious because he had just given us bottled water to drink. Not very often do you have situations where you, your companion, and your investigator are all dying of laughter and practically crying together. But yes, Jorge is reading and praying and wants an answer so bad. He has such a powerful desire to know that it's true, and THAT is how we receive answers, through our righteous desires.

Transfers are in 2 weeks. I can't believe it. I love being a missionary, and I love this time taht Elder Giglio and I have had as companions. Last night, after giving service in a freezing cold house (because the guy that owns it can't afford heat or gas) we planned, prayed and then both collapsed on the floor and slept for like 15 minutes. Then at about 10 o clock, I dragged myself to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and then stumbled into my bed in full clothing, except for shoes, and fell asleep and slept like a log all night long. I felt great when I woke up though (Ps - Sometimes sleeping in pross (your shirt and tie) is ok).

"I love the Lord, in him my soul delights.
Upon his word I ponder day and night."

The church is true. Love you all.


-Bayley: Writing you back TODAY. LOVE YOU SO MUCH
-Bekah: Writing you back today ok? OH man, I love you. ("No he's not")
-FINN: Write me. I listened to some of George Harrison's gospel album last night and I was in heaven.
- Chris: What's up, I love you, I'll write you soon, update me on music, tell me who's your best friend right now, how's john and karla?
-GEMMA: Hey where's your letter with your CALL? TELL ME NOW.
The church is still true.

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