Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 1, 2013 Walking in Plainfield

OK. So because the car is destroyed, Plainfield has turned into a walking area (or biking if we can find tools and get the bikes fixed). Which means that we are walking in a MASSIVE area, by far the largest walking area in the entire mission. We have about 7-8 cities and to walk from one end of our area to the other is in between 10-15 miles. But that's just an estimate.
HOWEVER, despite our exhaustion and dehydration (definitely need to be better at bringing a water bottle with me all the time) we are getting around just fine, teaching a ton of lessons, finding a lot of new people to teach, and eating well. I think I'm starting to lose weight again though, which isn't good because even thought I've climbed to 150, I just dropped back down to 147. Anyway, I KNEW you all wanted to hear about my health and my weight specifically.

This week was RAD. We had 7 investigators at church yesterday, which was the most I've ever had. They were our AWESOME new family, (Oswaldo from Ecuador and his wife Guillermina from Puebla, Mexico and their 3 kids> Christopher, Anthony, and Saliza), who we committed ALL of them to baptism at the end of April, Louis (Puerto Rican guy who speaks PERFECT english cause he was raised in New York City) and his less active wife, Beverli, and their two kids, and the aunt and mother of Hno. Jorge Pineda (from El Salvador, 2nd counselor in the branch). It was a super great day because it was Easter and all but it was really LONG. Hispanics don't really know when to stop the class and maybe Priesthood went 20 minutes longer than it was supposed to... OH and the Gospel Principles class was great because it was Hno. Pineda's aunt and mother's first time coming to church with him so they were super confused in the class when someone mentioned Joseph Smith and then they were trying to "contend" with the teacher of the class about how God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost are 1 person. It was pretty funny because the teacher totally shut them down, humbly and calmly.

English CLASS: I don't think I told you all, but we teach English classes every Saturday evening at 5. This past week was great. We pretty much always open up with a question answer session, where they will ask us to translate certain phrases or words they want to say to people in English. This week, the highlight was "Let me do that". So to demonstrate, I acted like I was a 90 year old woman trying to pull out a chair and Elder Leon came up to me and said, "Stop. Let ME do that." And then we had some of them come up and try it and a middle aged guy named Carlos, from Guatemala came up to me said, "Estop! I me that." SO then I corrected him and he did it again and he nailed it. It was super funny. I always feel like the star of the class because I'll make a comment and then say a joke under my breath, (for example, concerning how much one of the likes to eat) and they all bust up laughing. The BEST part is, we always have a spiritual thought to end it and it seems like that's everybody's favorite part. The gospel touches so many people in the smallest ways. 

I went on a two day exchange with my District Leader, Elder Guymon, (KAI, he's a total hardcore kid, likes soft-core, weird European metal bands, stuff like that), because both of our companions had to go to New Missionary Leadership training. We had to work both areas, but it was nice to be in a car again.. except not really. I always nod-off in cars. I HATE always having to be seated. I learned a lot from him and from his mission and the reasons why he's out here. He's a really smart, but simple missionary and it always striving to love his investigators and members more and more. I have this uncanny ability to love and trust missionary leaders, even if they are mostly in it so they can unrighteously exercise dominion over the grunt workers (like me). 

Last night, I felt the spirit like I haven't felt in a really long time. We had a 10 minute lesson with a less active member and his wife, who is a super active member. We went over with Hno. Medina (from Peru, ex-bishop, most learned and sincere man I've ever met) and Jose Brito (Dominican, speaks awesome English, ward secretary) to visit these members so we could chat with the less-active husband and give a blessing to the wife. We let Hno Medina direct because it was technically HIS home teaching family.. and to simply direct WHO would say the prayer he slowly and deliberately said to Hno. Mariscal (less active husband's name). "Hno Carlos. You have the holy authority of the Melchisedek Priesthood and you have all the rights and powers to direct this small meeting. You are an elder of the House of Israel and received revelation due to that calling. You have entered into the house of the Lord and received instruction and wisdom from on high. You preside her today. Who do you wish to say the opening prayer."  (all in spanish of course. Following that, we said a prayer, gave the hermana a blessing, and chatted with Hno Mariscal for 8 minutes. He cried, as Hno Medina and Brito testified to him of his calling as the Patriarch of his home and the Father figure. I almost cried. I didn't dare say anything, we just let the silence fill the room after those words from those two powerful, worthy brothers spoke deeply to everyone there.

I want to be more like my Savior, Jesus Christ. I want to be perfect, always receiving revelation and power from on high.

The church is true, all of you. I know it is. I love God and his Son, Christ. Through Him, our afflicted, starving spirits are healed and fed.


ps - Got Tanner's other package with the shirt - YOU ARE THE GREATEST.
pps - thanks family so much for that pacakge. I seriously have eaten so much candy in the past week, it';s horrid.

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