Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25, 2012 Plainfield, NJ

This week was glorious and crazy.

1. Got doubled-in. (So Elder Leon and I are just barely learning the area. We're in Plainfield, NJ)
2. New COMP: Elder Leon from Virginia (but originally from Honduras.. WHOO another native companion)
3. Training - I'm exhausted all the time.
4. Car accident the second night in the new area - totaled the car we were driving. Don't worry, we're fine.
5. Like I said, new area: Plainfield, North Plainfield, South Plainfield, MIddlesex (yes I know, funny), Dunellen, and more. IT's a biking area now because we destroyed the car.

Plainfield is a city much like Perth Amboy but a little more spread out, a little dirtier, not as many cool, quirky things (no beach), and a lot more black people. The ethnicity is a good mix of African Americans, Guatemalans,El Salvadorians, Ecuadorians, Peruvians. The people are super great and nice. The active members in the branch are the strongest members I have ever met. BUt the only problem is there about 20 of them. Favorite people: Jose Brito: A short Dominican man, about 45 but looks like he's 25. He loves to come out with the missionaries. He drives us around all the time. Family Medina: Peruvians, They're awesome! Their son, Meliton just got home from a mission in Pittsburgh and he comes out with us all the time too. Already have learned a TON from him, mostly just about WHAT TO DO if I ever come home.

Elder Allan Fernando Leon Canales is such a great companion. He honestly came pre-trained. He went out with missionaries in Virginia, he speaks perfect spanish (duh), he's not afraid to follow me across the street to talk with all the illegal immigrants waiting for jobs, and he's just cool. He looks a little bit Chinese. He loves soccer (duh) and playing soccer video games and sleeping. He's a cool Elder and we're getting along really well. Our studies have been really awesome with a lot of focus on Preach My Gospel and doing role plays. I told him that he has to LOVE role plays. Kidding. I'm trying really hard to be super humble and learn a lot from Elder Leon and I LOVE training. I love the Savior and I love his gospel. I'm super grateful for the power of the priesthood restored on this earth through a Prophet of the Lord.

Got the package, family. Thanks so much. ALSO, Natalie got yours too.
TANNER - got your package, but I'm opening it today. Accidentally left it in the Perth Amboy Elders' car when we switched at Transfer Conference.

I'm living with Elder Key again. He's a workout monster and he just keeps getting more and more buff every time I see him.



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