Wednesday, March 6, 2013

February 25, 2013 (Perth Amboy)

Eating Weekend

Which means that I've had stomach problems for the past 3 days. We visited
a Dominican less active family (who usually treats us like we're mangled
pieces of cold fish) and they yelled at us to come in and eat. It turns out
that it was the daughter's birthday party and so they had made TONS of
food. So we sit down and she gives us an entire plate filled with 2
different kinds of rice... it was a lot. So we start eating. Then she asks
us if we want salad. We say "sure". She gives us another plate filled with
2 different kinds of salad. Elder Blanco and I looked at each other with
this look of like "Well, here we go. Let's go for it". Then without asking
she pulls out a tray of pork and gives ANOTHER plate filled with huge
chunks of pork. I looked at Elder Blanco and and said without speaking "ARE
YOU KIDDING ME!" Anyway, as we ate, I kept telling myself that I COULD NOT
STOP. So I kept eating and finally we finished and left to walk 12 blocks
to our next appointment. We wanted to die. And THEN, we get to our next
appointment and it's a lovely little Mexican famliy that has made mexican
ceviche for us (with shrimp). I wanted to kill myself but we both,
seemingly happily ate our bowls of seafood. And then I was dying of
laughter because Elder Blanco (as we were chatting with them) slyly typed
in a text message in our phone and set it next to my leg. I looked over and
it said, "Im going to piuke".

That lesson that we had though was incredible intense. It was with the
Castillo family aka Andres and Marisol. They are such an awesome family.
They go to church every week with their 3 kids, the oldest one if baptized,
but Andres and Marisol are not. Because they are not married and obviously
are living together. They still have some things they are working through,
doubts and fears, but we have been working so hard with them this past
week. We have been teaching them of the importance of baptism, of faith, of
repentance, and having the Holy Ghost, and of enduring to the end. I love
the doctrine of Jesus Christ because you can answer any question someone
has with either A) the doctrine or B) the Book of Mormon (which testifies
of the doctrine of Jesus Christ). And that's what we did. It's cool to be
in a lesson where we planned on going to teach them something, but the
spirit told us to teach something else. And then we realized that we
basically DID teach what we planned, just in a completely different way.
Sorry this is getting boring.

We BAPTIZED Angel Santiago yesterday. It was such a happy day. It was
double great because yesterday was the first day in 3 weeks or so that he
got to see his daughter. MIracle. She's a cute little, half-Mexican,
half-Puerto Rican, 1 year old with chubby cheeks and baby thin hair, named
Keylani. And she always (except when laughing) has this look of concern on
her face but she's super quiet and doesn't really cry at all. The recently
released Ward Mission Leader , Hermano Arcadio Luna baptized him. I got
some good pictures I'll try to send them next week. He was so happy to be
baptized and he  kept telling us that he knew it was just the door to a new
life of opportunity and happiness with his trust in God. Yes! He
understands his purpose as a human and I love that.

Anyway, I gotta run. I love life, being a missionary, (Natalie DON'T EVEN
START, I love you so much and you're a WAY BETTER missionary than me) and I
love the church and the gospel with everything that I hold dear. I know
Christ is our Eternal Lord.

ps - thanks for all the emails and stuff this week. I love you all.
ARIEL - your email was the best. I already wrote you back duh.
FINN AND KAI: Write me a quick email.

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