Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013 (Perth Amboy)

I realized this morning while I was studying that ever since November I have only been reading the Book of Mormon in spanish. Because we had that challenge to read it in like a month and a half and Elder Giglio was challenged to do English so I said "HEY I'll do it in Spanish so you don't feel like you're the only one reading it in a different language". And I did and I LOVED IT. And I've been reading it ever since in Spanish. And it's funny because it's written in the "vosotros" form when they're addressing more than one person, which is super formal and they only use it in SPAIN. ANYWAY super fun.

I have NO TIME. SO here's an exerpt from my letter to President:

"Elder Murray and I went on an exchange this week, on Saturday and we really had a good time. Not only do I LOVE Elder Murray and admire him more than practically anyone I know, but he's a hard worker and we get along really well. When I was with him I wanted to do some street contacting, so we did for short time. It wasn't too successful so after some time and effort we went and visited a less active girl we had planned on teaching that day. We taught her on her porch (because the weather was MARVELOUS) and afterwards we saw her brother walk out the front door with his buddy. We asked where they were going and they said to play basketball. We asked if we could come and they said YES so we followed them to an outside court. We played for about 45 minutes and then taught them for 20 and it really was grand. And after the lessons and the game Elder Murray and I waltzed away and started chatting to two other guys that were waiting on the side of the court and we taught them how to pray to their Heavenly Father, about Jesus Christ, the Atonement, and left them with commitments. We felt ON FIRE after that. We left and not 5 minutes later a Puerto Rican guy walked next to us and started talking to us. He told us that his mother was baptized in our church and that we wanted to listen to us. His name was Thomas and we got his information and he said that when we came by to teach him, he would give us his mother's info so we could teach her too. EXCHANGE MIRACLES. It was an incredible day. We felt amazing and really tired by end."

And we destroyed those three 16 year old kids in basketball. It's probably the fact that we're 20 and have a little bit more body mass than they do and also I'm taller than I thought I was. Anyway, it was grand.

This week consisted of a lot of finding which was great because we found 6 new investigators and they're all AWESOME. One thign that the Lord has truly blessed my with is my ability to love people and I am extremely grateful for that. I love everyone I see, even if they're creepy looking or drunk.

Another awesome finding miracle: We were going to visit our investigator Nelson (with a baptismal date) but he left right as we got there. So as we walked back the way we came through the parking lot of the apartment complexes, we saw an old lady and a 10 year old kid carrying this massive heavy sofa. We offered to hellp and they accepted. The next 1.5 hours we carried that thing into the building, crammed it into the elevator, screwed on different pieces when we got into the their apartment and finally taught them about the Restoration. It was another cool finding chance. 1. I love being an Elder because people will totally accept things that require physical strength. So that's a dominican family that became new investigators too.

LOVE YOU ALL. I love the church I know it's true.


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