Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 4, 2013 (Perth Amboy)

Editors note: I've been in China the past two weeks where Western-based blogs are blocked. Sorry. All up to date now.

Glorious week.

I loved the emails from everyone! Thanks Mom, Dad, Natalie, Degrey.. you guys are the best. NAD - I loved your finding stories so much. It's crazy how different the work is here than in Taiwan... but I love hearing about contacting every person you see and how TONS of them will totally listen to you and you get awesome lessons and new investigators out of it. Oh man being a missionary is seriously the greatest blessing/experience ever given to me.

As I mentioned before, this week was glorious. Our Monday started off really great as we went to visit the Rosario family (part member/less active family that fed us a RIDICULOUS amount of food last weekend) to see how they were doing. My great companion, Elder Blanco was like "Ahhh let's just try and visit them/.." and I was being all doubty because we had seen them not even 2 days before.. but good thing we did because the LAST time that we were there, the non member mother Marien told us that she wanted us to teach her 17 year old son. She said that she wanted him to be mormon because he needed a better foundation in his life. So we stopped by and knocked on the door and HE ANSWERED. His name was Fernando. He answered half naked, and hesitantly talked to him for a minute, but after we explained to him that we wanted to talk specifically to HIM and talk about faith and Jesus Christ, he ran upstairs, put a shirt on and we had an AWESOME lesson about the gospel of Jesus Christ. The spirit was totally there and we were definitely supposed to have found him that night because he told us that wrestling season ended in like 5 days and after that we could come see him whenever we wanted. Love when my companion listens to the spirit.

Later on the week we had a really good lesson with another Dominican less-active family. Socorro is the hermana in the branch and she's living with her 2 daughters and her boyfriend, Jose (investigator). And we started talking about 4th Nephi and how when we obey the commandments of God, we can at least establish peace in our homes, with our families. And for some reason, Socorro brought up baptism and started bashing on catholic baptism (which I secretly love, but I have to act like I don't) and then her and Jose started arguing, even though Jose doesn't really believe in the Catholic church. I turned to Marley (16 year old daughter) and said something like "Ooooh this is getting so intense" and she busted up laughing. We ended up talking about reading the scriptures and committing them to read as a family, and then Jose gave us a ride home in his tiny little 1996 volkswagen. Haha - imagine a 6'2, 250 pound Dominican guy driving a tiny litle white car.. haha.

Anyway, just found out I've only got 10 minutes... Gotta run. 
Quick facts
1: this transfer is a five week transfer so it ends in 2 weeks
2: we're still working with the Castillo family.. man we love them so so so much. There is no way I can explain how much Godly love I feel for them. Andres and Marisol are slowly progressing and we still have them set with a baptismal date for the 31 of March. AHHH. Man. Pray for them.
3. We had to drop Juan Jose. I was pretty bummed but he admitted to us that he likes his life the way it is and is not ready to change and obey ALL the laws of God, just some of them. I honestly don't really get mad at people for saying dumb things like that anymore, I just become a little weary and I pray that they may understand the negativity of the sin that they are committing. 
4. I had a dream about a song I started writing. It's pretty cool. it's called "Thou Loveth" and it sounds like the Beatles. 
5. Had a hilarious lesson last night with less active lady Mayi (Ma-ji) and her friend Eneri. Mayi was sick and Eneri was caring for her and giving her meds and stuff and it was hilarious. Mayi was acting all sick and dramatic on the couch with a blanket and Eneri was telling her to take meds, and eat oatmeal and drink this and that. And she gave her 2 pills and Mayi was like all suprised and said "LAS DOS?!" (BOTH?!) but Dominican's dont' say their "s's" and so it sounded like "LAH DOH?!" We love DOminican people. And then I did the dishes and Eneri was trying to stop me and I kept washing plates when she wasn't looking. HAha. I love forced service.
6. Mom - thanks for your email.
7. Dad - you too, your email was great with excellent pictures. 
8. EVERYONE: sorryI've bene the worst about writing you. I'll try to get some quality eltter writing time.

There's this black couple arguing next to me and I looked at them for a sec and the lady looked at me with WIDE EYES and said "Am I disturbing you?!" all sassy like.. I just laughed and said..." Naaahhh you're good."

The church is true. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. It's so pure and true and clear. Jesus is our Saviour and Lord.


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