Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 12, 2013, Passaic, NJ

Hey everyone. This week was wonderful.

1. I'm probably getting released from being a zone leader in 2 weeks. Sad day, I will miss zone 3 and Passaic.

2. We taught Jo-Jo Acosta (14) about the power of God and trusting in him. He's a boxer, a really cool kid and he's really starting to trust us and enjoy the time when we come over and teach the family.

3. Saw Maria again this week: Maria has lots of family problems, fights all the time with her mother-in-law (who lives upstairs), has 5 kids, a husband with an alcohol addiction, and lots of desires to better her life. Her good friend is Hermana Bravo (who lives in the other elders' area) and she has SEEN a  huge difference in the 3 short years that the Bravo family has been in the church. 

4. We visited and taught the Ascencio family which consists of Tio Elias (Uncle Elias) and Angel (Elias' nephew). They are HILARIOUS. They're always trying to speak Spanish in a hard-core gringo accent saying things like "como estarrrrrr elderrrrrrrrressss?" Hah, also they call us REBELDERES (rebel elders). Angel is 18 and preparing to go on a mission. Elias is in his 40's, returned missionary. Great family, very strong testimonies.

5. We MOVED this week into a part of Clifton (we cover Clifton and Passaic). IT's a nice little 2 bedroom house (we live on the first floor). It has an amazing vibe to it and we hope to be getting some framed pictures of Christ to put on the walls. Elder Nielsen and I worked HARD this week, because time was taken out to move out and carry stuff from house to house. But turned out well.

6. Jason's dad came up to us the other day out of the blue and said "Hey I want to get baptized. But I want to study a little more with you first." AWESOME. Today is his birthday, and we're going to give him a card and set him with a date.

No time. Gotta run.

Christ lives, we are redeemed!


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