Sunday, February 20, 2011

Skiing and Kai's Birthday Meal

Finn, my Dad and I all went skiing yesterday. It was incredible.

We went up American Fork canyon. The drive was boring as it only starts getting cool once you hit higher up the canyon, however we did have some nice tunes playing: old Modest Mouse and Blind Pilot. We went up on skis about 4 miles or so and started across this road just above Silver Lake. Mind you, the entire time it was torrentially snowing. I mean, it wasn't that intense, but it was steady, heavy, wet snow for 3 hours straight. Needless to say, we were very damp by the time we were back at the car, 8 miles (or so) later.

Huddling for warmth in the Botchy bag (it's really called "Bothy" but it really bugs my dad when I say "Botchy")


Gather 'round folks.

I'll say it again. Matthew is the man.

This was a few weeks ago.

Classic salad (Lettuce, basil, fresh mozzarella, expensive balsamic vinegar, semi-fresh tomatos, the freeze in Mexico did not help)

Lars and the bread

The happy boy, showing his man-love

Alas, it was a delightful meal.

I think this is the third or fourth episode of Matthew's Meals. We'll go with third. The fourth episode will be up later this week or early next. Stay tuned.

Oh and everyone: Happy Eating.


  1. Oh, love your blog. Except, way to post Kai - now I can't link over to your blog because I don't want my readers seeing obscenities! Hurry and post tonight's pictures. I want to get them off your blog. Too lazy to get them off the computer upstairs.

  2. Link over anyway. What's wrong with an angry brother flipping me off? Like I said, he's just showing his "man-love."

  3. Do you know, Niels,
    My dad used to own a restaurant called Formosa Garden in Provo. :) You'll have to try some of his food sometime. He makes the best chicken and sticky rice. It's heavenly.
    Thanks for sharing p.s.

  4. It doesn't even look that good. Grossly overrated!