Sunday, November 4, 2012

November 1, 2012—Hurricane Sandy


Yep. A tree fell on  me.

No, in all reality, the hurricane wasn't that intense where I was staying. Elder Giglio, Elder Storey, Elder Steele, and I all had to evacuate our apartment though (as Elder Giglio and I live 3 blocks from the beach). We left Perth Amboy Sunday night and stayed in New Brunswick until this morning (Thursday). It was a riot. I felt like we were living inside of a protective, divine shield. A few trees fell over in the complex that we were staying in but other than that, we didn't see very much... until we left our apartment complex.

Trees broken down, powerlines in the street, 500 car lines for gasoline, half the state doesn't have power, and we heard that Atlantic City is underwater. Crazy. We missed all the action though. Elder Packer, serving in New Brunswick spanish, (quick story: NATALIE he served a service mission in Nauvoo before he came out here. Yep your worst fear; singing, dancing, acting, thespianing.. but you never would have been called there because you have to try out for it) were chatting about how we felt bad because we were all hoping and praying for the storm to hit us hard so we would have cool stories. But then we decided that there are probably 1 million people praying for the storm to NOT hit us. So we joined in with them and prayed for peace and safety and we GOT IT.

Over these past few days, we spent our time playing UNO, Harry Potter Clue, LIFE, other games, and doing musical stuff. I played a lot of guitar while the wind was howling and the rain was lashing the windows and roof of our house. It was pretty fun. I wrote some more stuff and felt good about it. I wrote a song, one night in the bathroom with the light off, about God. It's been probably my favorite song I've ever written and it's honest. Those are the best kinds of songs.

WE found out our GOLDEN investigator Darmis is getting baptized in Pennsylvania with her member sister. We were super bummed when we heard it but I know that the Lord's work is the same (haha see my last letter) and I am STOKED to see her enter into the waters of baptism and enter into a powerful promise with the Lord.
Lots of work with Carlos was done last week before the hurricane. I can't remember if I told you about him. Carlos is a 30 year old Dominican man that lives in a house with practically all of his family. We were originally teaching his mother, when he said he wanted to meet with us sometime. Cool. We did and he's amazing. NOt a very religious person but wants to strengthen his relationship with God and Jesus Christ. We have already taught him 6 or 7 times and when I mentioned the fact that he could baptize his own son, he was touched and humbled and didn't really know what to say. As he was raised Catholic, he's always had the idea in mind that only the preacher can baptize and perform those ordinances. HE understands the need for authority and he understands our doctrine really well. It's cool to see someone learning so much in such short time. i feel like I can practically see the light slowly growing brighter behind his eyes and chest.

Being a missionary is the most indescribable thing. I love it more than I love anything else in the world. I bore my testimony in zone conference a while back and I said, "I've never felt this much love in my entire life." Only after having said that, did I realize how true that is.

I got letters from Hayley, Bekah, Lydia (not the package yet. soon hopefully), Chris, and others... I can't remember...

I love the Lord.
"Nevertheless I know in whom I have trusted... He hath filled me with his love unto the consuming of my flesh." 2 Nephi 4:19, 21
Every day I feel more motivation and more inspiration to change and be better; to become the shape that the Lord sculpted from the beginning.



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