Thursday, November 8, 2012

November 7, 2012—Post Hurricane (Perth Amboy)

Elder Giglio and I did some more service this week. After being cooped up for 4 days in an apartment, we got out and helped out around the town. We went with the other Perth Amboy elders yesterday and today to help a member in the ward, who lives in a house that was built in 1907 (it's so rad, more on this later), chop wood, cover a tree-destroyed section of his roof with a tarp, and get pizza at a delicious American Italian place afterwards. So this guy is named Bruce. He is white, but he attends the Perth Amboy branch, even though he doesn't speak any spanish. He's a little weird, but I'm pretty sure he's a widower. He's really lonely and he lives in this big old house in Woodbridge (right outside Perth Amboy). He has SO MUCH STUFF. His house is just packed with "things" mostly really old things though, which is really cool. He has an semi hollowbody electric bass from the 1970's. I was geeking out a little over it. He also has an incredible book collection with many of the books dating back to the late 1700's. His house is falling apart on the outside, but the inside is newly painted with rich wood banisters everywhere. I want to come back after the mission, become best friends with him, inherit his house, fix it up, and rent it out to super wealthy people. It's seriously the raddest house ever, with trap doors, attics, old bookcases, etc...
The ax we used to chop wood was the sketchiest thing in the universe. The head was practically falling off so we had to be super careful on the up swing. Let's just say, it probably wouldn't have been completely approved by our zone leaders.

We were planning on heading up to Patterson to do some more service this morning, but we received word from President that it was canceled, due to the snow storm. IT's going to be rough for the state, especially for the people that got hit really hard, to  have a big snow storm 1 week after a big hurricane. For example, in Patterson, where we were going to do service, a dam broke so there was MAJOR flooding in all the houses in that area. Also, in the more heavily wooded areas, there was lots of damage to roofs and siding of houses as well.

It's actually a) snowing right now and b) absolutely freezing cold. So THANK YOU MOTHER for the wonderful peacoat which I got yesterday.

It's been super hard to see our investigators this past week, as well as the beginning of this week as well. On Monday we had a lot of people bail on us and yesterday, after zone meeting, I started getting weird tunnel vision, which meant that a migraine was coming on. I HATE MIGRAINES. During the drive back, I started getting nauseated and heating up really bad, so I started stripping off layers (cardigan, peacoat, tie) as we got close to the house. When Elder Giglio and I finally got in the apartment, I dropped everything and ran for my bed. By that time my eyes and head felt like they were going to explode. I slept feverishly for the next 2.5 hours and woke with only a little pain in my head. But we missed an appointment already and we only had time to see 2 more, a Mexican electrician named Aurelio (the most humble man I've ever met) and a member family. I realize again and again that all I want to do is teach and be out of the house.

Today (Wednesday) we have to be in the house again by 6. Man oh man, I just want to be out doing service and teaching. it's funny how that is my biggest desire. Because before my mission, i would have never thought that THAT would be what I want most. I love how much the mission has changed me.

LYDIA GOT HER CALL. (am I allowed to tell?) Jacksonville, Mississippi. So rad, I'm stoked for you Lydia. ps - got your other letter with the CHocolate. THANKS.
I have written letters for Emily (finally I know), Lydia, and Bekah. Sorry it's taken a little while.

Elder Giglio and I are best friends. We have way too many jokes. I love him.

I love you family and friends. Thanks so much for your love.


ps - this "newsletter" is boring. Sorry.

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