Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013, Passaic, NJ

                                   Me with two Salvadorian pupusa makers. Awesome ladies

"Hey everybody. I'm doctor Nick."

Strange week. It was pretty rough I'll be honest, but so worth it in
the end. Some things to update you on:

1. Our investigator Jose Ramirez did not pass his baptismal interview
last night. President Jeppson's 2nd counselor, President Crane
interviewed him. Jose has so much knowledge about God and the Bible
but he is completely lacking in faith. He has a hard time accepting
the fact (he actually just disagrees) that reading the scriptures
INCREASES your FAITH. And then comes knowledge, after we have
exercised our faith. He's brilliant, but a little confused. I love him
a lot though and it was hard to see him fail his baptismal interview.
We will probably have to drop him for a time as well because he needs
this time to progress on his own. We know that's what God wants us to
do. It's going to be hard, but all will be well. I know it.
And with that, our investigator pool becomes a little shallow and
shabby again. But THAT IS OK! We are excited to do some more
old-school missionary work and really focus on FINDING this week.
There are some pretty amazing people that Heavenly Father is preparing
for us. I'm excited to find them.

2. Got a ride home from a cop the other night. We were walking home
from our last appointment at about 8:50 and it started showering. We
walked on Monroe Ave, a larger, trash and business filled street, and
a police car pulls over. The officer askes where we were headed. We
told him. He told us to get in. We got in and IMMEDIATELY it started
pouring, torrents of water filling the streets and sidewalks. (At this
point we both felt like this was totally supposed to happen). His name
was Andrew McCleiczech (Mick-lai-a-check), a young officer with a
brand new car, 2 young children, a weak faith, and a good heart. We
told him we were missionaries. He replied he wasn't really interested
but he accepted a card, said he would call the number. As we walked
away from his car, he shouted at us. We both turned around and he said
"Say a prayer for me, please?" Of course we did. I love little
experiences like that.

3. Went to Mission Council on Friday (for all Zone Leaders and sister
Training leaders). It was really good. Our focus this month will be a
REFOCUS on the Book of Mormon. I'mm so so so excited. We also set a
Quarterly Baptismal goal for 94 people. 94 94 94. I can't wait to get
out and start 1. sharing the book of Mormon, and 2. inviting to
baptism. The Book of Mormon brings the spirit so it should work out,
no problem.

4. Elder Dahl has great Spanish. We get along super well. We've been
planning our zone meeting the past couple of days and we just keep
wanting to turn it into a dance party/giant skit/rap. We're both total
goons. But seriously, it's going to be great: funny and spiritual.
that's what makes a good training.

5 Had to give another talk yesterday. This time for about 20
minutes. Geez. Lame peopel keep putting me last on the program and
then everyone bails or speaks for 3 minutes. It was good though, I
felt like the spirit really directed it. I spoke on Prayer and using
it as 1) a way to receive correction and 2) a way to feel peace and
comfort. It turned our alright. OK I promise I'm not bragging but I am
in love with Spanish and I have been told by multiple people that I
sound like a native. That's the blessing of having native companions
for 9 months I guess. It makes me happy. If I ever make it home to
Utah again.. I want to work construction or something like that.
ANYTHING to work with hispanics and speak it for a while. Also I keep
picturing myself visting Sister Lievano like 4 times a week and eating
fresh pupusas, talking about soccer and cooking, and just hanging out
with her. Let her know, will you.

We're going to turn a huge focus to the branch these coming weeks in
using videos from the "Work of Salvation" broadcast to help them
participate fully in missionary work. We want to turn Passaic into a
total hard-working missionary branch, where that's like all they care
about. I am in love with missionary work. I want to see more miracles
every day. I'm so excited to humble myself and pray for those things
that God wants. This is His work. He's here by our side, helping us
out with it.


ps - I'm still sick. Lame lame lame. I had to take a nap tesyerday
which always makes you feel like a lazy piece of junk. Love you all.

Elder Key and I.
                                Last night with the Manzano family. Bryan (kid on his knees in
                               front) came out with his and he's an INVESTIGATOR. Awesome.
                                Me and Jose Mercado, one of my best friends, from El Salvador.

                                                    All mission Summer "chill'
                      These guys saw me with a camera and asked me to take a picture of them.
                                                    Elder Dahl in a new tight shirt.
                                Elder Leon and I after the Manzano's baptism (Plainfield area)
Elder Whitton and I after a hard day's work

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