Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013, Passaic, NJ

Got a bad haricut this week from MYSELF. I realize that I regret every single time I cut my own hair because I look like a weedy, balding, water-rat. Whatever, I guess I'll never learn.

This week was wondrous. Our zone (reppin' zone 3) continues to do better and better each week. I love every single member of our zone and I'm so glad that I have this chance to be a leader to influence and guide to the best of my abilities. I love how God helps us so much. I don't even realize it half the time and it makes me like I need to work harder to recognize revelation. I want to be great, so I DO what the Lord asks of me, to be able to bless other missionary's lives. It's a miracle to be able to pray every night, BY NAME, for the members of our zone. I love going over them in my head, seeing their face, and then thinking about what we can do (Elder Dahl and I) to help them to become better missionaries. Can't get over it. Love love it.

On Monday we went to the Paterson Elders' baptism. It was AWESOME. Rolando Rodriguez, 27 years old, Puerto Rican-American was baptized. It was rad. Elder Dahl and I were talking about it afterwards, and it seems like anytime anyone steps into a font to enter into a covenant with God, the spirit enters the room and pratically shouts at all of us when the person is submerged. It's incredible. When Rolando came up out of the water, he took a huge breath, smiled, looked around and then down, (you could tell he was just contemplating, basking in the spirit) flashed a golden smile at the congregation and let out a light, happy laugh, and then exited the font. It was unreal. I love baptisms more than anything.

On Wednesday, we had zone conference, which was just grand. President Jeppson gave a training on the Apostacy and the Restoration (kind of like the Apostacy Timeline from Brother Hyrum Smith, if any of you ex-missionaries have heard that, but BETTER because Pres. Jeppson is incredible) which opened up my eyes to the Restoration and how important it was. I pray that each of you will continue to stengthen your own testimony in the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It's really what happened. I know it. We also received trainings on the BOok of Mormon as the keystone of our religion and more on the New Testament. Over all it was a really good meeting. I never even realize that meetings are six-eight hours long. I suppose that's a total blessing.

President Jeppson and Sister Jeppson always do the closing song at zone conferences. I believe it's called "They're Precious in His Sight" and President will play guitar and they both sing harmony with a descant part and everything. I used to be such a music critique and only listen to stuff that was COOL. But man, when you love people as much as you learn to love your mission president and his wife, you learn to love EVERYTHING they do, including singing songs that I would have deemed as "cheesy" before my mission. The song they sing is so pretty and is just perfect when they sing it.

Yesterday we went to ANOTHER baptism in our zone. Man our zone is the best. The Paterson SPANISH elders baptized a 15 year old kid. Just like the baptism last Monday, the spirit was felt, testimonies were born, and another one of Heavenly Father's children came back home. It was wonderful.

Not much other than that. Just a list of things I love:
-the mission
-new missionaries
-ambient, instrumental music
-missionaries that know about and have listened to good music, (not the ones that pretend they have)
-watcing missionaries in your care receive revelation in front of you
-Elder Dahl
-Oranges for breakfast
-hispanic people and spanish
-updates on shows in SLC
-that chord on "Lazy Eye" (Chris you'll know what I'm talking about) right after the guitar intro when the bass and drums come in. I wish I could listen to it.
-blue grass hymns
-when elders talk in their sleep

Thanks everyone.


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