Monday, August 12, 2013

August 5, 2013 Passaic, NJ

This week was NUTS. Just really really crazy. Let's just say
1. There was almost a fist fight in our apartment (won't say WHO). It ended with an Elder threatening to beat the snot out of another and storming outta the room angrily. Good thing we're missionaries, because he went straight to his room to pray. Me and the other Elder in the apartment just said "RE-LAX. You guys need to chill." It was pretty scary as I'm just a sensitive cat.
2. Chests got waxed for Elder Wood's birthday, (it hurt so bad, good thing I just a had a little patch.. so now I'm hairless), Elder Hoyt (missionary that just died (finished his mission)) left behind a Brazilian waxing kit. So last week Elder Dahl waxed his stomach (he bled) and this week for Elder Wood's birthday, we waxed his chest. It was hilarious, I'll send photos someday.
3. Ate a ridiculous amount of fatty food. I feel like a chunst ox. On Friday, we ate Bistec a lo Pobre (Peruvian dish.. I think that's the name ) with a Peruvian hermana. BIstec a lo pobre is a thin steak, peruvian style, on a bed of rice, with a fried egg on top, and fried bananas. Also, we had a soup for the appetizer with huge chunks of Peruvian corn and chicken. Pretty impressive meal. THEN, immediately afterward we went to the Garcia's house (one of my favorite member families.. I've mentioned them before). The ridiculous thing was we called hermano Garcia the night before and told him that we wouldn't be able to eat. Welppp... we get there and there was a whole pizza that they had ordered for us. Ay. I ate 3 pieces and then wanted to die. Elder Dahl almost hurled but we kept at it. THEN. We went to see Gus and Kat (awesome Columbian and Peruvian couple). They're both younger (in their 20's) so they had all 6 missionaries in the Passaic branch over and we had a little party for Gus and Elder Wood, for their respective birthdays. It included eating Chinese food and an ice cream cake. We literally felt like committing suicide after the night was over. Also, the night ended with Elder Diaz slamming the ice cream cake ( made my the sisters) into Elder Wood's face. IT was awesome.

That almost concludes my letter. Sorry there wasn't very much spiritual stuff in this letter but here's a quick snap of events that also happened this week. (you all know I know this church is true :))

We got a call on Monday from an inactive sister in the branch. We tried to contact people to visit her, (we had appointments) but nobody could, so we canceled our appointments and left to see her. The 4 of us elders went. She was crying, devastated and basically told us about a bunch of domestic violence problems she had recently had. We listened for about an hour and a half and then talked with her about the the love of God. We bore our testimonies and told her that she needed to seek him. We ended with a prayer and we left the house with the spirit. And then, almost every day that week, we visited her and did everything we could to uplift her. Her name is Carmen Santiago from Panama. One night we went over with 2 Dominican sisters in the branch, one, the Relief Society President, the other the Gospel Principles teacher. ALSO, Willy Bello, the sunday school president came out to see her and was a HUGE help in fixing a bunch of the problems going on. He even brought Hna Santiago AND her twin, investigator sister to church yesterday. EVERYBODY: If you are reading this and you are a member, know that you can play an incredible part in the changing of a life. This sister was so broken down and depressed but with the help of faithful members who were willing to sacrifice their time, resources, and energy, a lost daughter of our Father was brought back and is currently on the path back into reactivity.

That is my life. I love it and I will never give it up.


PS - Thanks for all the emails. You're all great.

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