Thursday, August 29, 2013

August 26, 2013, Passaic

TIME . . .

... doesn't really exist in the mission. It's just 2 years of liminal space (Nad remember when we talked about that?).

This week flew by. Lots of appointments, lots of people spoken to, lots of food consumed, (including Lomo Saltado and Papa a la Huan Cahina (sp?)), and lots of fun.

We finally taught Miguel and Chary again. Chary (less-active) served us up some biscocho (what Dominicans call "cake") from her daughter's birthday party yesterday. Hispanic people eat weird cake; it's always got chunks of preserved fruit and cheap frosting. But eh, it's great. I realized, sadly enough, that food is just food now. I like GOOD food, but I'll really eat anything. All it is really, is something to get us through the day. Anyway, Miguel hasn't been reading so we told him and to read the intro to the Book of Mormon and pray about it. He said he would. Every day I'm finding out quicker and quicker that all you have to do to gain a testimony of the church, (EVEN IF YOU JUST HAVE THE DESIRE TO DESIRE TO BELIEVE IN IT) is read the Book of Mormon, little by little and pray about it. It's that simple. Study the things you have doubts about and they will come clearly to you, by the power of the holy Ghost.

We've been working really hard with Carla. In the second lesson we had with her, we set her with a baptismal date for the 1st of September. For those of you who have served missions and done role plays, it was EXACTLY LIKE A ROLE PLAY. She just smiled a replied like a robot missionary, "No, that's too soon". We then tried to work out her doubts, told her what she needed to do, and promised a bucket-load of blessings. So she's still set for this Sunday but we're not sure if she'll make it. She doesn't have the strong desire yet. But she's amazing and is progressing little by little.

ANDREA came to church yesterday! She was so happy to be there too. She stayed for the first two hours and then left to work. Bummer that she couldn't stay as the Relief Society is starting to play (and will be playing in the future) a huge role in her conversion. She'll be baptized, just not right now. She needs a few more weeks, HOWEVER, we had an awesome exchange on tuesday where Portugese speaking, Elder McEwan, and I taught her about our purpose on this earth and how the gospel of Jesus Christ is SO crucial. I love working with newever missionaries that are still learning their language. (side note: Elder McEwan, is a tall, waterpolo player from Miami, Florida, who is a Pandora hipster, and visa waiter, waiting to get to Brazil). I would teach a few points and then Elder McEwan would testify in his new Portugese. And oh man, everytime he would open his mouth the spirit would just fill the room. When we committed Andrea to be baptized on the 15th of September, the spirit was at it's peak, I think that's why she accepted the date. And then after we said "in the name of Jesus Christ, amen" everyone was smiling, and Hermano Garcia (we were teaching in their home) looked up at us with his huge, loveable smile and said "Gracias elderes. Muy bonito su mensaje hasta que quiero yo bautizarme otra vez!" (Thanks Elders, that was a wonderful message - so much that I want to get baptized again!) Haha, that family is amazing.
So many miracles are happening. It's a wonderful time to be a missionary.

I know the church is true. I love EVERYONE.


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