Sunday, September 8, 2013

September 3, 2013, Passaic

Last week of the transfer... and I'm staying with Elder Dahl

Found out on Sunday night that E. Dahl and I are staying together for a 3rd transfer. Heyoo! It's gonna be great, although he's the only other companion that I've had that will be with me for longer than 2 transfers. We're excited to stay together because we've been working really hard for the past 3 months in Passaic but have not seen the success that we wish. HOWEVER, as I mentioned in the last letter, we have two ladies that are getting baptized soon.

Carla (Puerto Rican mother) will be baptized this Sunday and she's so happy and excited. She consistenly tells us that she used to curse, get mad at people, get frustrated easily, yell at her son, and she would never pray. "But ever since you guys have been coming over, I don't do any of that bad stuff anymore." She's so innocent and kind and hilarious. She's been reading the children's Book of Mormon with Jacob and she admitted to us that she liked it better than the actual Book of Mormon because it was so much easier to understand. We laughed and committed her to read them together so she could get the story and the scriptural aspect out of her reading. This week, we taught her the law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom. She laughed at both and said she was already living them. When we committed her to live the Law of Chastity and she was busting up saying, "I'm a divorced woman.. NO SEX FOR ME!" I was dying after that comment. We also kifed her iced tea and bought her lemonade instead. She was totally fine with it.

Andrea: from D.F., Mexico. Has several children there. Walked up to her boss this week and simply told him that she would not work another Sunday. Also her boss was shocked in unbeilief, she was even more so. She told us before that she used to PLEAD to be able to work on Sundays. In rain and shine, sickness and health, she would work Sundays, so she could have a a few extra dollars to send to her daughter in Mexico. "I don't really know why I did it but I feel really calm and peaceful about the decision of telling him that." We freaked out with massive smiles plastered over our faces and told her that was the spirit that told her that tell her boss that. The spirit guided us to promise her that her daughter would have everything she needed and MORE, with the spiritual blessings that she would receive. The times we go to that building, climb into the rickety elevator, knock on apartment #9, and sit down with a humble Mexican family and their aunt/sister/sister-in-law, are sacred times that I cherish more than my own possessions.
Andrea is getting baptized on the 15th of September.

Other than the progres we've seen with Andrea and Carla, the week was a little slow.We contacted people, talked about transfers, dicussed our investigators, played Polish ping pong at nights in the apartment, and attended Mission Leader Council. The new monthly focus will be LOVE. Zone meeting is going to be great tomorrow, but we're a little nervous as we are still brainstorming ideas.

The gospel is true, Jesus Christ lives, and Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God.

Happy Fall,


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