Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 9, 2013, Passaic

1. We BAPTIZED Carla yesterday. She was so happy and she said she felt so calm and peaceful. However, Elder Dahl and I realized that we need to work REALLY HARD on getting the ward really integrated in her life. Pictures next week.
2. Steven Mongie (Lydia's dad) called me on Thursday. At first it was a bit of a shock but he told me he was in town for business but his colleague got sick and so he invited me to administer a blessing with him. I wasn't able to so we delegated it to the missionaries in Hoboken. But I talked to him for a couple minutes on the phone. It was nice and felt completely normal/comfortable. Lydia: your dad is a wonderful person.
3. Elder Dahl and I taught the young men / young women class yesterday. Guess what the topic was? Sexual Purity and Good Friends. Hmm.. I wonder why the teacher was "sick"... Anyway, we practically just threw down on them and read them a few Book of Mormon scriptures about sexual purity and staying away from negative influences. It was rad and pretty hilarious and I realized that I don't want to ever be a high school teacher. Kids are punks and ask dumb questions.
4. I am happy. LIFE IS GOOD.

I love you all. Sorry this was short. Thanks for all your support and emails and letters and whatnot.


Bek - I sent you a letter today. Love you tons.

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