Thursday, October 3, 2013

September 16, 2013, Passaic

Passaic Pasttimes

1. Coke or water pong.
2. Drink Pre-workout and lift a lot of weights (elder Dahl and Diaz exclusive)
3. Body waxing, in the apartment
4. Getting your eyebrows done at a salon (don't judge)
5. Uno! and Dominos (Dominican style)

Just a list of recent things. I failed to mention "the-constant-battle-between-elders-and-the-infamous-lunch-coma".

Anyway, we had an amazing week. We taught a LOT, saw all of our progressing investigators (miracle), and baptized Andrea yesterday. Here's the crazy miracle part of it:
We went to teach Andrea at the Garcia's house on Tuesday. We taught about faith in Christ, reading Alma 32:15-16, and committed her to the 22nd of September for baptism, as she was still feeling uneasy about her date. The whole family was there as well as her brother Juan, who is not a member, and isn't really "investigating" anymore. We went over again on Thursday. We watched Finding Faith in Christ, explained to her that she needed to take this step of faith and be baptized.
Elder Dahl: "Hermana, how do you feel about your baptismal date?"
Andrea: looks over nervously at Lupe (her sister) and sheepsihly says, "I feel like they already baptized me."

We were a little confused but then Lupe coaxed Andrea into telling us about a dream that she had on MONDAY night. She didn't want to tell us about it because Juan was there and she knew he would "judge" her for it, in a sense.. She told us that she woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't tell if she was awake or dreaming. HOWEVER, what she saw made me glad. She said she saw her and Elder Dahl and I all in white and we were baptizing her. I was holding her head and Elder Dahl was holding her arms. She said that she KNEW this was a sign from God and that she would not wait anymore. So we asked her when she wanted to be baptized and she replied that it did not matter anymore. So we we set her back with her original date for September 15, and boy did she get baptized. It was a really beautiful service with the entire Garcia family tearfully testifying of the Restored Gospel. Some days are just happy. I actually got to baptize her, which was even greater of a blessing.

Other updates:
-We saw MIguel again. He's quitting his job because his bosses are racist Japanese people (his words, not mine). Hopefully this opens up windows for him to go to church and commit more to the gospel.
-Hermano Navarro (old, African/Ecuadorian hermano) drives stick-shift like a madman, barreling through residential streets at 45 miles an hour. He's like 70-years-old, ex military, is sealed to his family but they're still in Ecuador, and loves God with a fiery passion. He picked our inv/less-actives: incredibly beautiful twin sisters from Panama and after seeing them he said he would pick them up every week "with anticipation!" HAH. THAT's how you work the system, if you've got attractive investigators.
-Giovanny Rosero (19-year-old Ecuadorian kid) is our best friend. He came out to teach 4 appointments with us for about 4 hours.  He works at a factory and is prepping for his mission. He's such a good example to me of enduring to the end. He is the provider for all his siblings and he stays stalwart in the gospel, reading his scriptures, praying, and taking his brothers and sisters to Church every week. We went to go teach an inactive mexican family and the father was yelling at their 2 dogs and 2 cats saying "Ay these animals never listen to you when you tell them to do stuff. HOW MANY TIMES MUST I TELL THEM!?" We were all busting up after the appointment saying "Hey man, they're dogs, they don't understand you." Haha. Elder Dahl and I feel like our spanish is boosted every time we spend time with Giovanny (cause he's only been here for 3 months, so he's got a gnarly accent).

I love the Lord. The gospel is the truest thing I'll ever know. GOD IS THE SOURCE OF TRUTH.


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