Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October 7, 2013, Passaic

This week was memorable. 

On Monday, we had one of the most spiritually intense lessons I have had on my mission. We went to see our investigators, the Acosta family. Jose (father) and Sofie (wife) were just hanging out the living room when they let us in, Sofie cradling Alana (2) in her arms and singing a lullaby. 

We started to discuss and teach the importance of coming to church. We taught that for about 10 minutes as the lesson became focused on Sofie, who was obviously the more engaged of the two (but honestly they're both great listeners). Jose quickly jumped in and began talking about sins, and what people tell you do, the faith of your fathers, and family, which then lead into him beginning to weep in front of us as he spoke for about 45 minutes without stopping about his family, his feelings of exclusion, sin, past mistakes, the idea that God chooses the way for us and we can't change that, Jesus Christ, and more topics. We just let him speak his mind. It seemed like he had a lot on his chest. After sitting and listening for a while and striving to discern his needs, Elder Dahl simply pulled out the Book of Mormon, read Alma 36, and talked about repentance and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. And when Jose read a verse, even with his dyslexia, the spirit testified to all of us that what he was reading was true. We made bold promises, promises in the name of Christ, and we testified with all our hearts of the power of repentance and change and forgiveness. It felt like we were rebuking his doubts and fears and sorrow with the power of our words. The spirit was strong.

We walked out feeling like we had been working in a field for 8 hours, absolutely exhausted. But we felt great and talked about that lesson for the rest of the night.

Tuesday was zone meeting. We didn't have enough time to prepare it but it went surprisingly well. This month's theme is FAITH. I had this crazy idea to tear up an old shirt, write faith on it, put it on a pole, and wear my old army jacket I found at a less-active member's thrift store. So we did. Elder Dahl carried the banner and a real sword he had. He represented US, the saints, the Fighters of Faith. I wore a BK crown (which we actually gave them out to all the zone) and represented the government, or the world, of FEAR. Our goal is to find more people this month  to join us in this grand revolution of FAITH. It was funny, spiritual, and got everyone pumped. Viva la REVOLUCION de la FE!!!!!!!

ALSO, on a really lame note, I got sick for two days. Then Elder Dahl got sick the day after I recovered. Now everyone in the apartment is sick but me. I spent my time sleeping, eating home-made smoothies and oranges, and blowing my nose.

CONFERENCE was incredible. It's better than X-Mas. Who cares about material possessions, right? Honestly, it was a weekend of revelation, love, inspiration, and learning. I realized that I need to improve my studies, correct with loving kindness, teach my zone about Christ-like service, listen to the spirit, and many more things. I need to improve, is what it all comes down to. That's what the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about. BECOMING MORE PERFECT. I love knowing that we have a loving Heavenly Father woh cares for us and demands only the best from his imperfect children. And why does he require so much? He knows we can give it. He wants us to hold NOTHING back. I love the gospel and I love all of you.


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